Teacher: Kids Wearing Donald Trump Gear are Racist

Long Island News 12
Long Island News 12

By Todd Starnes

A high school teacher in Long Island, New York apparently has a problem with people who want to make America great again.

Veronica Welsh, a teacher at Smithtown High School, is facing significant backlash after she called students who support Donald Trump racist.

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“This week is Spirit Week at Smithtown HS West,” she wrote on her personal Facebook page. “It’s easy to spot which students are racist by the Trump gear they’re sporting for USA Day.”

Ms. Welsh sounds like your average, run-of-the-mill liberal indoctrinator who enjoys bullying children.

Patriotic Americans around Smithtown are fuming.

“I wouldn’t want this hateful bully anywhere near my children,” wrote a reader to Long Island News 12. “Unfortunately, there are many teachers who are of the same foul mentality, but are smart enough to keep their hate to themselves.”

“She has no right to pass judgement on our children’s views or the views of their parents,” another reader wrote.

“How many kids or parents would trust this teacher to be fair when grading those students with Trump shirts,” said another. “We don’t pay teachers to critique students or their parent’s political views.”

James Grossane, the superintendent of schools, acknowledged there was a problem with the teacher’s Facebook message – calling it “inappropriate.”

“This is an extremely unfortunate incident and these actions are not promoted by the Smithtown Central School District Administration and Board of Education, nor do they reflect the attitudes of our students and staff,” he wrote in a statement.

Newsday reports the teacher has been “administratively reassigned.

In other words – the school district has taken steps to make Smithtown High School great again.

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