Ted Cruz: AOC Should Get on a Raft and Sail to ‘Socialist Paradise’ Cuba

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R—TX) slammed Democrats in Congress who support radical leftist ideology, sarcastically suggesting they should take a raft and set sail to Cuba.

“The thing that liberals never seem to understand if you go down to Key West is that the rafts are only going in one direction,” Cruz said Sunday during a speech at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit.

“Just once I want to see some left-wing socialists – I want to see Bernie Sanders, I want to see Elizabeth Warren, I want to see AOC go down to Key West, get on a raft and sail 90 miles south to the socialist paradise,” the Texas senator said.

“Their ideas don’t work, tyranny doesn’t work freedom is powerful and that’s what y’all are defending and I am proud to stand with you,” he added.

Cruz wrote on Twitter: “Both Washington and Havana are filled with communists who are terrified of millions of patriots rising up to defend freedom!”