BREAKING: Texas Gov Says Dems Who ‘Fled’ State Will Be Arrested Upon Return

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By Brian Freeman | Newsmax

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott harshly criticized Democrat lawmakers who fled to Washington, D.C., on Monday in an attempt to deprive the state legislature of the two-thirds quorum needed to vote on the GOP’s sweeping elections overhaul bills, telling Fox’s “The Ingraham Angle” that they will be arrested upon their return.

The Republican governor said members of the Texas House of Representatives who are still in the state can call for the arrests of their colleagues who do not show up to vote, as long as the arrests are made in Texas.

Abbot insisted that “once they step back into the state they will be arrested and brought back to the Capitol and we will be conducting business.”

Over the weekend, Republicans in the state legislature worked to advance two voting bills, which the GPO insists are needed to provide greater election security, Newsweek reported.

Democrats say that the legislation, which would add new ID requirements for mail-in ballots and prohibit 24-hour polling locations, drive-thru voting, and ballot drop boxes, would make it more difficult for citizens to vote, especially minorities, young people, and those with disabilities.

Twenty-four hour polling locations, drive-thru voting, and ballot drop boxes were used in last year’s election in Texas, according to The Washington Post, to make it easier for state residents to safely vote during the coronavirus pandemic.


Texas Democrats also took part in a walkout in May and successfully prevented an earlier version of the voting legislation from passing, Newsweek reported.

The Texas Democratic Party issued a statement saying that “In response to Republicans’ escalation of their attacks on voters, Democrats continue to hold the line.”

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