‘Thank you, Jesus! How Sweet It Is!’

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Winsome Sears is the embodiment of the American dream. 

Her father came to this country from Jamaica with a buck 75 in his pocket. He worked long hours, got an education and brought his family to the land of the free. 

Winsome became a devout Christian and served in the Marine Corps. She took a job running a homeless shelter for the Salvation Army.  She married and had children. And later ran for public office. 

And now she is the first black woman to be elected lieutenant governor in the history of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“I’m telling you that what you are looking at is the American dream,” she said during her victory speech. “When I joined the Marine Corps, I was still a Jamaican. But this country had done so much for me, I was willing, willing, to die for this country.”

Winsome said it had nothing to do with her skin color — but everything to do with what she stood for. 

“In case you haven’t noticed, I am Black. And I have been Black all my life, but that’s not what this is about,” she continued. “What we are going to do now is be about the business of the Commonwealth. We have things to tend to. We are going to fully fund our historically Black colleges and universities. We’re going to have safer neighborhoods, safer communities, and our children are going to get a good education.”

Winsome Sears is gun-toting, Bible-clinging Republican. 

“Thank you, Jesus. How sweet it is,” she declared.

And her’s is a quintessential American story — completely ignored by the Mainstream Media — not because of the color of her skin — but because of the flavor of her politics. 

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