TODDCAST: Mitt Romney is a Sleazy RINO Plotting in the Shadows To Take Down Trump

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There’s always been something off-putting about Mitt Romney – the Republican senator from Utah. He really is the quintessential RINO – a Republican in Name Only.

He has the moral compass of that sleazy car salesman in National Lampoon’s Family Vacation. This is the same guy who called Barack Obama an “honorable” man.

Romney won President Trump’s endorsement for the Senate – but once he was elected – he turned his back on the White House – behaving more like a Democrat than a Republican.

The news platform Axios – quoting friends of Romney – say the senator could be one of the first votes to convict the president.

In a recent interview with The Atlantic – Romney hinted that he might back impeachment. He also admitted to using a secret Twitter account to keep tabs on his political enemies. His secret identity? Pierre Delecto. It sounds like the name of a 1970’s porn star.

It says a lot about a man’s character when he hides behind a secret identity to take cheap shots at his political enemies.

Pay attention to Republicans like Mitt Romney, folks. Skullduggery is afoot.