Tony Perkins: Voters Will Respond LOUDLY to Dems ‘Transgendering Our Children’

Democrats are focused on promoting infanticide and transgendering the kids rather than tackling inflation and energy prices, and it’s going to hurt them in the midterms, Tony Perkins said on the Todd Starnes Show.

Listen to the full conversation below:

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TODD STARNES: [00:58:44] I Want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line right now, the president of the Family Research Council, host of the great radio program Washington Watch, our good friend Tony Perkins joins us. Hey, Tony, how are you today? [00:58:54][9.8]

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TONY PERKINS: [00:58:55] I am good, Todd. How are you? [00:58:56][0.8]

STARNES: [00:58:57] I’m doing well. You know, The New York Times framed this story as remarkable. They seem very surprised that 47 Republicans joined Democrats. I don’t know about you, Tony. I wasn’t all that surprised. [00:59:09][12.4]

Do you think Dems are going to lose in November?

PERKINS: [00:59:11] No, actually. But let’s put that in context. That was 22% of the Republican members. So that was less than a quarter of the Republican members that voted for that. Contrast that with the Democrats, when the Republicans tried to get a vote on the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, that they got onto the floor last week for a vote. Only three out of 233 Democrats voted for that. That was 1.2%. So the Republicans aren’t nearly, you know, we don’t have as much concern about the core of our party as the Democrats, you know, are in lockstep on their issues. So, I mean, look, there is some diversity of thought here. I’m disappointed in those 47. But, you know, again, keep that in perspective of where the party is as a whole. [01:00:05][53.9]


STARNES: [01:00:06] So, Tony, do you have concerns? I mean, you guys cover a lot of the big culture war issues out there. Are the Republicans in danger of going wobbly? I mean, you had the RNC chair last year, Ronna McDaniel tweeting out in support of Gay Pride Month, or is this just an anomaly? [01:00:22][15.9]

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PERKINS: [01:00:25] I would say vigilance is required. Let me address the chairperson. Ronna, if you noticed, did not say anything this year. I mean, we’ve had some very constructive conversations with her. The party’s very clear on the platform. Even the last platform of 2020 spoke very clearly on marriage. I feel very comfortable in where the Republican Party is. Look, the lines are being drawn very, very clearly between the two parties. You have one party that’s pro-life, pro natural marriage, pro, you know, creation as God made it. And then you have another party that’s just gone, supporting infant, you know, almost infanticide. They want taxpayers to pay for it. So I think vigilance is required. Education is required. I think this is a tough issue, tough for some members as they described it. I don’t think it’s a tough issue. I think it’s very clear there’s truth and there’s not truth. Look, it doesn’t matter what someone feels. We don’t make public policy based on feelings. We make public policy based on what’s best for society. And we know without question, the best thing for society is for children to have a mom and a dad. We know that as a result of the Obergefell ruling and in 2015, that was forced on the nation by the court. I mean, we were one of just a handful of countries that went down this path because of court imposed same sex marriage, that we’ve seen a tremendous rise in hostility and attacks on religious freedom in this country. So it’s inescapable to recognize, in recognizing that the redefinition of marriage has put other fundamental human rights at risk. [01:02:06][101.1]

STARNES: [01:02:07] Tony Perkins on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line this afternoon. Tony, and there there have been some victories when you look at Coach Joe Kennedy, our good friend. I know you guys have followed that case for many years like we have. There are victories out there and we have to claim those. And, you know, that’s why every election matters. [01:02:27][20.3]

PERKINS: [01:02:29] Yeah, there’s no question. Here’s the thing. How the left is responding to these recent court decisions tells us a lot. And, you know, the court in the Dobbs case that overturned Roe basically went back to what was said in the Planned Parenthood business case of 1992, in which Anthony Kennedy has basically said we have a right to define our own reality. Well, there’s nothing in the Constitution that says that. You’re free to do what you want, but you can’t redefine reality and make public policy based upon that. And so that’s what has the left afraid, because for decades now, the court has done their legislating and they’ve pushed these things. And so instead of addressing the real pressing issues, the record high inflation, the record high gas prices, instead of dealing with those issues, they are now pushing these you know, trying to, they’re not going to get it done. But they’re messaging for their base by pushing these radical social policies through the House. And most likely, they’re not going to go anywhere in the Senate. [01:03:37][68.6]

STARNES: [01:03:38] Coming up in September, you guys have a very large event scheduled for the First Baptist Church in Atlanta called Pray Vote Stand for Life. What’s going on? [01:03:48][9.2]

PERKINS: [01:03:49] Well, Todd, we’ve had an annual event for, oh, probably 16 years where we used to be the Values Voters Summit, but we realized that faith is really in the crosshairs and we want to exercise that faith. And we’ve been for the last couple of years doing these events in the churches. And so we’re really pleased to be hosted by First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, September the 14th through the 16th for our annual Pray Vote Stand Summit. And it will be very similar. I mean, we’ll have a lot of our elected national leaders, but we’ll be focused a lot on as Christians, how do we live out our faith? I mean, we’re discussing this issue of marriage, you know, but the Bible’s very clear on this. And as Christians, even though it may be seen counter culture, we ought to be equipped to live out our faith in a real way, and that includes education, what’s happening in our children we’ll be addressing all of those issues. [01:04:43][54.0]

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STARNES: [01:04:44] It’s pretty much an all star line up here, Tony. You’ve got Senator James Lankford, Franklin Graham, Senator Marsha Blackburn, Kirk Cameron, even Dr. Ben Carson, who was just on our show a couple of days ago. It looks like a huge line up here. [01:04:57][12.5]

PERKINS: [01:04:58] Well, it’s the folks that, you know, Christians who want to engage in the culture want to hear from, and that will encourage them, give them solid steps and so they can find out more and go to PrayVoteStand.org/summit and find out how to register, and register soon because it’s filling up quick. [01:05:15][17.4]

STARNES: [01:05:16] PrayVoteStand.org is the website and we’ve got a link to it on our page as well. Tony, before we let you go, how are things looking for the midterms? What are some of the issues you’re hearing from your constituents out there? [01:05:28][12.2]

PERKINS: [01:05:29] Todd, I think it looks very good. I mean, you’re in touch with people across the country every day on radio as I am. And look, these issues of inflation, these issues of high gas prices, I mean, these are real issues. And what is this administration focused on? Advancing abortion, transgendering our children, everything but what they need to be doing in government. And I think we’re going to hear the voters respond very loudly in November to this radical agenda that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have been pushing. [01:06:02][32.3]

STARNES: [01:06:02] I could not agree with you more, but still we’re urging the candidates to campaign like you’re 20 points behind. [01:06:09][6.9]

PERKINS: [01:06:10] Oh, absolutely. And every voter needs to vote. As we tell our folks, vote your biblical values. Go out and vote, but take somebody with you. Don’t drive a Volkswagen to the polls, drive a school bus, fill it up with folks and take them to the polls to vote. [01:06:27][16.4]

STARNES: [01:06:27] Love it!

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