TREASON! Biden Gave Intel to China That Was Leaked to Russia

President Biden handed intelligence to China in a diplomatic effort to get Russia to back down from invading Ukraine, the New York Times reports.

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Should Biden be impeached?

It appears the Biden administration’s diplomacy not only failed — but may have backfired as Russia is waging war on Ukraine.

“The U.S. met with China over three months to present intelligence showing Russia’s troop buildup near Ukraine and to urge Beijing to help avert war, U.S. officials said. Chinese officials rebuffed the U.S. and shared the information with Moscow,” the Times tweeted Friday.

House GOP Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) responded, “UNFIT for office.”

“Cannot. Make. It. Up,” conservative commentator Monica Crowley said in reaction to the report.

“My god,” Trish Regan said. “Biden shared Intel with the Chinese which Chinese shared with Russia. How naive and stupid is this team?”

“Um, this does not inspire confidence…” conservative actress Patricia Heaton said.

Combat veteran Sean Parnell added, “The #CCP is the greatest geopolitical foe this nation has ever faced & the Biden Administration still believes they can share intel with them. Good lord. We are led by total buffoons.”

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