Trish Regan: Dems Are Pushing Everything Too Far and It Will Cost Them

Trish Regan told the Todd Starnes Show Democrats are going too far left, especially on transgender athletes, which may end up costing them 2022 and 2024.

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TODD STARNES: [00:43:46] I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line, our good friend, the proprietor of trishintel.com and a great American patriot, Trish Regan. Trish, good to have you back with us. [00:43:57][11.0]

Have Democrats gone too far to the Left?

TRISH REGAN: [00:43:58] Oh, so good to be here with you, Todd. And wow, that is good for Senator Blackburn. That’s what I have to say. Good for her. Women need to stick together on this right now because this is just insane. Utterly insane. [00:44:11][13.1]

TODD: [00:44:12] You know, it’s and the reality is this will go before the courts. I mean, that’s where all of this is going and whether it’s the transgender community filing a lawsuit or one of these biological females who misses out on a scholarship opportunity or some other opportunity. This is going to be this is going to be something that the judges are going to have to be discussing. [00:44:31][19.5]

TRISH: [00:44:33] It was a fair question for sure, and the fact that it’s even a question, the fact that we’re even talking about this, how insane is it? I mean, look, you know what? OK, we don’t need to go near that. You know, you feel like a woman. You want to dress like a woman. OK, whatever. The problem is, when you start saying, OK, I am going to compete against women who were born as women. It sends it into a whole other sphere. Keeping in mind, of course, that I’m sorry, this is biology. This is science, right? Women have different muscle development because of the lack of testosterone. And so, you know, if you transition, quote unquote transition later in life from a guy to a gal, you already have years of having built up certain muscular ability. That’s going to make it very, very difficult for women to win in athletic competitions against you. It’s just not fair. And, you know, I don’t know what the answer is. Maybe, you know, they get their own lane. Right? You know, Leah Thomas can swim against other people like Lia Thomas, but let’s not. Let’s not shut out our girls, our women that were biologically born as women and not allow them to compete on an even playing field. My gosh, [00:45:51][77.7]

TODD: [00:45:52] It’s mind-blowing, and I’m glad that people are. And it’s impacting a lot of people in the Ivy Leagues. And by and large, there are a lot of liberals in the Ivy Leagues, so I am glad that they’re experiencing this. So because even they understand, Hey, something is not right here. So maybe just maybe there’s going to be some common ground found between liberals and conservatives and we’ll get something done. I don’t know. [00:46:16][24.1]

TRISH: [00:46:16] You’re so spot on. In fact, I think this actually- it’s common ground, but it’s also going to really make things difficult for the left as we go into 2022 and certainly in 2024 because this is so divorced from reality. My parents are very liberal and I grew up in a very liberal household. This is- it’s gone too far for them. You know, even them, they’re like, What the heck? I mean, I think everybody is just looking at this as sort of a normal person. And regardless of whether you believe in big government or small government, you don’t think that this is right. I think it just strikes a chord with a lot of people and this is what you’re seeing all-I mean, this is what happened in Virginia, right? And it wasn’t this case, exactly, but it was in terms of the CRT teaching. Everything is going too far. They are pushing it too far. And the Democratic Party is foolish for allowing that because it’s going to basically, I mean, it’s good for conservatives cost them a whole bunch of seats. Todd So yes- common ground, but also people being voted out of office because this is not the direction Americans want to go. [00:47:24][67.3]

TODD: [00:47:24] And Trish, what gets me. I’m not sure why we’re even having this confirmation hearing. I mean it’s a waste of our tax money, and I appreciate it. I mean, we’re getting her on the record on some of her, her policies and some of her ideologies. But the reality is all Joe Biden wanted here was a black woman. That’s it. Qualifications be damned. He just wanted a black person who is a woman. So unless there’s a controversy about her pronouns, I’m not quite sure why we’re going through all of this. [00:47:51][27.0]

TRISH: [00:47:52] Yeah. A woman, right? [00:47:54][1.6]

TODD: [00:47:55] That’s it. [00:47:55][0.3]

TRISH: [00:47:55] Pronouns, it’s kind of funny. That’s kind of, you know, in light of everything right now. Look, I think that that’s true, Todd and you know, it’s really not right. It takes a lot away from the position in general because I think it’s nice to be-you know, that should be sort of the abstract right. It shouldn’t be like the thing that you lead with that should be, let’s find the most qualified person if she happens to be African-American, if she happens to be a woman like, that’s great, but let’s get the most qualified person. One of my friends, who’s an Asian woman, said, Well, what the heck? They’ve never put an Asian woman on the court. Maybe we need an Asian, but she was sort of making fun of it. She’s a conservative herself and she’s like, This is nuts. It is nuts when we can’t look at people for who they are, you know, within, you know, but you have to go through only the prism of race or sex. That’s where it gets problematic, Todd. [00:48:46][51.4]

TODD: [00:48:47] Trish Regan on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Check out her great website trishintel.com. Trish, President Biden now on his way to Poland. This reportedly is to undo the damage that Kamala Harris did during her visit. Meanwhile, yet more staffers are leaving her office. What do you make of what’s happening in the administration right now? [00:49:14][26.6]

TRISH: [00:49:16] Well, in terms of Kamala Harris, I think that she’s probably just in so far over her head. I don’t think she’s especially much of an intellect. I-don’t forget you failed the bar the first time around. Not much of an intellect and not much of a leader. And so that’s certainly coming out in spades, I think right now she’s failed to perform in some of these basic things, like just going to the border, given the border was her job. She finally got to go to Europe and apparently blew that one. So it’s too bad. But when you put somebody who’s not really qualified for the job or doesn’t have the right intellectual job or the right management leadership skills, this is what you get. And so, you know, I don’t know if he’s doing cleanup or if he’s trying to-Look, we’ve got ourselves now in a pretty challenging spot. And I think that we have to be doing everything that we can. This is how I believe this firmly to be on the side of freedom and to be on the side of the country that we promised we would stand up for back years ago when they gave up their nuclear weapons. And we said we’d be there for them. And that’s our word and we stand by our word. So whatever has to happen needs to happen and soon rather than later, because this is something that we just really can’t afford to lose. [00:50:35][79.6]

TODD: [00:50:36] No, you’re right. You’re absolutely right about that. Trish, real quick before we have to let you go. I mean, you’re the expert on the economy here. Bloomberg says, Hey, look, suck it up, Buttercup. Stop eating meat, eat lentils and start walking more instead of using your car. I mean, there is such a disconnect between the media and the rest of the country. [00:50:56][20.2]

TRISH: [00:50:58] You know, when I used to work at Bloomberg and they called it the Billionaires Network back then because only billionaires watched us. We had a very small audience just filled with billionaires. And so I think the problem with some of the journalists at Bloomberg, and I don’t include myself in this group at all. I think I was always like, kind of, you know, one eyebrow raised. But a lot of the journalists are thinking in terms of, you know, the elites. And that’s a real problem. It’s the problem in journalism overall, right? People are so not grounded in not dealing in reality. And so that was a real tone deaf article that you’re referring to where one of their writers said, “you know, here’s the answer. It’s not the answer. People shouldn’t have to sacrifice like that. I mean, they’re talking about giving up their dog, letting your cat or dog die rather than be able to afford treatment for them. I mean, this is kind of morbid stuff, and I don’t think that Americans should have to suck it up. I think Americans should expect that their government should be able to deliver on decent energy, especially when we have tons of it right here, decently priced energy, we’ve got tons of it. There’s no excuse for this. They should have been way out ahead of this. Our intel predicted that Putin would be doing this. So why weren’t we negotiating deals and encouraging companies to drill in America months before this all happened? That’s the real tragedy here, that no one was really looking with any kind of foresight. Americans should not have to pay more at the gas pump. They should be able to trust that their government guards against inflation. And this government has entirely failed that it’s really horrendous. [00:52:36][97.7]

TODD: [00:52:37] No, you’re right about that. Trish, we’re going to have to leave it there. Good hearing from you, trishintel.com Podcast Doing well? [00:52:44][6.8]

TRISH: [00:52:45] Podcast is doing great. I’d love people to come and your podcast as well. Mine is the Trish Regan Show on Apple ITunes on Spotify. Also on Rumble and YouTube. And I know you’ve got the Toddcast. I see it always because I listen a ton and it’s in my feed from Apple. That’s doing well on your end to love it. I think a lot of fun. [00:53:04][18.6]

TODD: [00:53:04] Trish, always good hearing from you. [00:53:06][1.6]

TRISH: [00:53:07] Good talking to you, Todd [00:53:07][0.5]

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