Trudeau Called Out for ‘Blackface’ Hypocrisy Against ‘Peace-Loving, Patriotic’ Truckers

A conservative politician in Canada is demanding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologize to the “Freedom Convoy,” which he accused of spreading “hateful rhetoric.”

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“I do get very defensive of Canadians who are outside today. Patriotic, peace-loving Canadians who are called misogynist and racist by the prime minister,” Conservative Member of Parliament Candice Bergen said in the House of Commons Monday.

“So again, I will ask the prime minister, who may I remind this House, wore blackface on more times than he can remember. Apologize to the peace-loving, patriotic Canadians who are outside right now,” Bergen continued.

National radio host Todd Starnes tweeted a photo of Trudeau in blackface with the caption: “The blackface thespian accused Canadian truck drivers of being racists.”

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Watch the video below: