Trump Being Attacked by RINO’s Democrats & Deep State: Lara Trump

Lara Trump, daughter-in-law to former President Trump, revealed why she believes Trump is dominating other Republicans in national polls as the 2024 presidential election draws near.

In an interview on the “Todd Starnes Show,” she said that people have realized Trump is a “fighter” who won’t “cower to the establishment.”

Will you support President Trump in 2024?

“I think the American people really had their eyes opened by Donald Trump on a whole host of fronts, obviously, with our mainstream media, but also with the swamp and the fact that it is real and it does include a lot of establishment people,” the host of the Right View podcast continued.

According to an Emerson University poll released last week, 62 percent of Republicans plan to support Trump in 2024. His closest opponent is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who only netted the support of 16 percent of respondents.

Trump added that her father-in-law’s resistance to the corrupt establishment and media is to blame for all of the attacks against him.

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“I think people really get it now, Todd, and they see the way he’s attacked not only by the establishment, not only by the Democrats, but honestly by our Department of Justice,” she said. “They see the target that is on Donald Trump. And I think they realize he’s being targeted because he exposed a lot of people.”

Trump also said she is excited to see what her father-in-law can achieve if he is granted another term in the White House.

“You thought round one for Donald Trump was great? Wait until round two. Wait until he fully cleans house and does some great things for America while he’s in there,” she said.

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