Trump Blames Fox News Ratings Drop on Anti-MAGA Attitude

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Amid the release of year-end rankings of television networks showing declines for all of the alphabet companies — NBC, CBS, ABC — former President Donald Trump issued his latest “I told you so.”

Is Fox News anti-Trump?

“Wow!!! So while Trump-hating CNN & MSNBC (MSDNC!) ratings are both at record lows, numbers that they have never seen before (‘they’re toast’), Fox News ratings are also way down because they never say ‘Trump’ or Truth, never talk about the rigged presidential election, and is a fake polling network,” Trump wrote in a New Year’s Eve post on Truth Social.

“Our giant MAGA base, much bigger than anyone knows, does not like watching Fox play their games. Their ratings will continue to sink. Make America Great Again!”

Trump post comes Forbes noted this month that “CNN and MSNBC both had their lowest-rated years in history.”

Also, this week Variety posted a review of 2022‘s cable TV winners and losers, showing many of the networks saw steep declines in viewers and ratings.

The top-five most-watched networks all posted large declines in viewers, according to Variety’s review of Nielsen ratings.

  1. NBC -7%.
  2. CBS -8%.
  3. ABC -6%,
  4. Fox -14%
  5. Fox News Channel -1%.

Also, among the key demographic of 18- to 49-year-olds, all those networks above posted large declines, according to Nielsen.

  • Fox -23%
  • CBS -22%.
  • NBC -13%.
  • ABC -12%
  • Fox News Channel -9%.

Notably, Variety acknowledged the impending dominance of the streaming world, where Newsmax is a large player with its OTT (over-the-top media service) application offering free streaming on the internet and smart phones.

“There may come a time when it just doesn’t make sense to rank the broadcast and cable networks anymore,” Variety’s Michael Schneider wrote. “Actually, that time is probably already here, with most viewing now taking place via streaming and other means.”

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