Trump Blasts “Phony, Fake Polls” Designed to Interfere with Election

President Trump held a press conference at the White House on Thursday and insisted that if only the legal votes were counted, he would “easily win.”


“We will not allow corruption to steal such an important election—or any election for that matter,” he said. “We can’t allow anyone to silence our voters or manufacture results.”

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The Associated Press called Michigan for Biden, but the state has been one of the focal points of Trump and his allies in their claim of voting irregularities. reported that police outside the Detroit convention center barred Republicans and Democrat poll challengers from the room where the ballots were being tallied.

The group that materialized there chanted, “Stop the count.” Another group of protesters, apparently Biden supporters, chanted, “Count the votes.”

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., joined the protest and said it is important that mail-in ballots are treated with the same respect as in-person voting.

“We continue to be neglected in policy. We continue to ask for the right to breathe. We continue to say please help our schools in poverty. But that didn’t stop us. We still came out and voted,” Tlaib said.

Trump’s lawyers have tried to sue the state to allow challengers to “Meaningfully participate and oversee” the votes, according to Fox News. But an appeals court judge ruled against the Trump team’s request.