Trump Campaign Says DNC’s Vision of USA is “Dystopian, Racist, Hellscape.”

Steve Cortes, a senior adviser to the Trump campaign, told the “Todd Starnes Show” on Tuesday analyzed the Democrat National Convention opening night and said that even with low expectations it still managed to be worse than he imagined.

Cortes said these conventions are usually celebrations of the country where plans are laid out about its future, but he said last’s night virtual event seemed more like an indictment on America.

He said Democrats, particularly in the first hour, described a country that he did not recognize… some kind of “dystopian, racist, hellscape.”

He said Democrats held true to form throughout the event: They preached about unity but their actions were the complete opposite. He said they resorted to– as always– identity politics.

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“Instead of identifying us all together as human beings and as Americans who have shared ideals, that we are merely people who belong in silos according to out pigment or private parts,” he said. “And that really was the message last night. I thought it was depressing and a downer, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.”


Todd Starnes, the host of the program, said that he managed to sit through Day One of the convention and said it was challenging. The night featured appearances from the likes of Eva Longoria, the actress, and Michelle Obama, the former first lady, who capped off the night.

“I would rather sit in a diner with Joe Biden sniffing my hair while watching a PBS telethon than have to go through that again,” he joked. “It was that bad.”


Cortes said that Obama is very popular when it comes to polling. He said that she benefits from taking the role of some kind of “pseudo-political” figure. She has the luxury of opining about her beliefs to her massive base without ever having to “endure some of the negatives” that go along with running for political office.

“I think, as a whole, her speech and her participation in the race will not be that much of a factor,” he said. “People know that they’re not voting for the spouse of any candidate, and they’re certainly not voting for the spouse of the former President of the United States.”

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Cortes said he believes that Americans are going to realize that the Biden-Kamala Harris ticket is the most radical ticket in the history of the country and will vote accordingly.

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