Trump Campaign Urges Supporters to “Stand Tough, Stand Tall” Against Violent Leftist Mob

Blaming escalating violence against President Trump supporters on presidential candidate Joe Biden’s supporters, Trump Campaign Press Secretary Hogan Gidley told the “Todd Starnes Show” Oct. 19 it’s “really a shame” voters are being targeted.

In Kansas City, Mo., residents received flyers at their homes with a warning to check their insurance policies to make sure they were covered for fire – depending on the outcome of the election.

Tractors carrying Trump flags were set on fire in Iowa, and social media sites were ablaze with anti-Trump messages boasting of setting fires and more.

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With huge turnouts in California and Florida – Trump supporters stunned reporters, Gidley said, and “we are gonna stun them again.”

“It’s really a shame that all of these Biden supporters have decided to take to violence in burning our city streets, in looting, in attacking innocent Americans,” he told Starnes. “That’s what they are doing. And the Trump supporters out there need to stand tough, stand tall, go vote for the man who is promising – and who has delivered—on safety and security – in so many of our neighborhoods [and] peace and prosperity.”

Describing Trump as a President “who wants to defend the police, not defund the police,” Gidley said there is a reason police officers and unions have shifted their support from Joe Biden to President Trump.

“[T]hey know this president has their back and he’s not going to let this type of lawlessness continue,” Gidley said, “regardless of what these Democrat governors are fine with letting happen to so many citizens in this country.”