Trump Crushes Republican Opponents in TPUSA Straw Poll

Turning Point Action announced the results of its 2023 Turning Point Action Conference straw poll, commissioned by the Trafalgar Group, on Sunday.

The poll results show former President Donald Trump with an overwhelming lead for the 2024 GOP primary, at 86%. He leads the second-place finisher, businessman Perry Johnson, who finished at 8%, by 78 points.

“Just heard that I (WE!) won the big Turning Point Straw Poll in a BLOWOUT, getting 85.7% of the Vote,” wrote Trump. “Ron DeSantimonious came in a solid 3rd with 4.3%, Vivek got 2%, and Sloppy Chris Christie, as usual, got a big, fat, ZERO!”

“Turning Point put on a GREAT event in West Palm Beach, setting all kinds of records, including in attendance,” the president added.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who did not attend, placed third at 4%, followed by entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who polls at 2% in the survey.

“The straw poll demonstrates that President Trump remains the single most dominant force among the conservative grassroots. All the attacks against him have seemingly made him even stronger and more popular among the conservative faithful.”

“What’s also clear is that Governor DeSantis’ decision not to come to this event probably hurt his showing in this poll. There are a lot of people here who have a lot of respect for the governor and what he’s done in Florida, but I was approached multiple times by attendees telling me they were disappointed he didn’t come, and that’s evident in the poll results,” he said. “Vivek showed up and gave a great speech, and he was the clear second-choice favorite among our people.”

Will you vote for Donald J. Trump in the 2024 Republican presidential primary?

Trump delivered a well-received speech at TPUSA – blasting Fox News and praising Newsmax.

“Greg Kelly over at Newsmax— the Newsmax people have been really, really terrific,” Trump told the young conservatives who had booed Fox News earlier in the conference. “Newsmax has been terrific.”

Trump was far less effusive in praise for Fox News.

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“All of Fox is bad,” Trump said in the speech that aired live and in its entirety on Newsmax. “I tell you, it’s just there is an attitude.

“It’s attitudinal. Get [President Joe] Biden to say that, OK?”

According to Trump, mainstream media forces are working against him, including the anti-Trump leadership at Fox News.

“But there’s so many others, many different outlets,” Trump continued. “Now they’re seeing it and even people that weren’t necessarily with us. They see that we were right — that our country’s going to hell in a handbasket, and they want to have a country.

“They want to have a great country.”

Trump hailed his polling numbers, and even noticed the TUSA conference’s boos for Fox News.

“We have been like a rocket ship,” Trump said. “It’s been very nice to watch.

“I heard you weren’t too happy with this particular network, Fox,” he added. “I was watching. That, I was watching. I understand you exactly.”

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