Trump Doubles Down on Tennessee Congressional Endorsement Despite Backlash

Despite blowback from some conservatives, former President Donald Trump is not changing his tune on endorsing Morgan Ortagus in the GOP primary for Tennessee’s 5th District if she runs.

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Social media influencer and House candidate Robby Starbuck has been a favorite among MAGA-supporting political strategists for his full-throated support for America First ideals, but Trump told Newsmax his endorsement of Ortagus – if she decides to run – was based on the candidate he knows versus the candidate he does not.

“Well, I didn’t know Robby Starbuck; I have known Morgan; she’s been in the administration; she did a good job,” Trump told Tuesday’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight.

“I didn’t know Robby Starbuck. I hear good things about him, but I also hear he voted for Obama. If he voted for Obama, then I am very satisfied.

“I’ve heard he voted for Obama, but maybe he didn’t.”

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Ortagus is a financial analyst and political adviser who was a spokeswoman for the State Department under the Trump administration.

Trump suggested those questioning his judgment might want to look on his past endorsements and actions while he was president, telling host Rob Schmitt his moves have panned out.

“I’ve done a lot of things that were somewhat controversial and they’ve worked out,” Trump concluded. “She’s solid.” Read more at Newsmax.