TRUMP: FBI May Have Taken My Last Will and Testament

Former President Trump told national radio host Todd Starnes he believes the FBI took his last will and testament during the Mar-a-Lago raid.

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Do you still have faith in the FBI?

“I heard some ramblings that I mean, you guys are still trying to figure out what all the FBI took, and I heard somewhere that maybe they might have taken your will,” the “Todd Starnes Show” host said.

“I think they took my will. I’m trying to find it,” Trump told Starnes.

“Now, the bad part about that is if I left somebody a little bit too little, they’re going to be reading about it, and I’ll have somebody with a long face in front of me, right? Yes, now my will is not there,” Trump said.

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“That’s never good,” Starnes responded.

“That’s never good. Somebody’s got my will,” Trump said. “I think it’s disgraceful what they did. And, you know, my poll numbers are the highest they’ve ever been right now because of all this stuff.”

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