TRUMP: ‘I Will Probably Have to Do it Again’

Former President Donald Trump teased another run for the White House in 2024 on Saturday night in Robstown, Texas, to an enthusiastic crowd.

“And now to make our country safe, successful and glorious again, I will probably have to do it again,” Trump told his Save America rally Saturday night, which aired live on Newsmax.

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Trump vowed to crack down on crime, support the police, close the borders, reduce inflation, and restore the American economy to the heights his administration had brought it to before COVID-19 blew in from China.

Should Trump Run in 2024?

“We are against ‘defund the police,’ and we are for defunding the Mexican drug cartels, Trump said.

“We need to leave our police alone — and let them do their jobs,” he added, calling for the death penalty for anyone who kills a police officer.

The Texas crowd broke out in a rendition of the National Anthem and chants of “USA!” and “We love Trump,” and “Let’s go Brandon!”

“When this group stood up, I said, ‘We have protesters,'” Trump said. “And they are protesters; they are protesting what is happening to our country.

“It was a beautiful moment.”

Trump added rebukes of investigations of him and anyone who supports him.

“They sent me a subpoena the other day,” Trump said. “These crooked people. If you want to save your rights and liberties, you have to deliver a crushing rebuke to these radical maniacs.”

Trump denounced the endless “investigations,” saying all Congress does anymore is investigate Republicans and anyone with the last name “Trump.”

“If we fly over a Democrat state, we get a grand jury subpoena,” Trump said. “They have been looking at me for a long time … they found nothing.

“They found this: I, like you, love this country.”

“They think we’re playing four-dimensional chess. They can’t believe what’s going on in our country.”

Trump blasted the “racist” New York Attorney General Letitia James, who campaigned on “get Trump.”

“I hear she’s losing,” Trump added about James’ reelection hopes. “Wouldn’t that be amazing?”

Trump said the importance of the upcoming midterms would be his focus before he will make an official 2024 campaign announcement.

“This election is your chance to make your vote heard,” he added.

Trump once again played a video of “Let’s get ready to bumble,” showing clips of a stammering and incoherent President Joe Biden.

“They respected us two years ago like never before,” Trump said. “What’s going on now is so sad.

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