Trump Lead Grows in GOP Primary Post-Indictment Poll

Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis getting in the race did not cut into former President Donald Trump’s support, and special counsel Jack Smith’s indictment Thursday has only furthered his lead on the field, according to the latest CBS News poll released Sunday.

Trump has stretched his lead in the poll to 38 points over DeSantis and at least 57 points on the rest of the field. Also, when likely GOP primary voters were asked which candidates they would consider, Trump received an overwhelming support of 75%.

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CBS News poll results among likely GOP primary voters:

  1. Trump — 61% (+38).
  2. DeSantis — 23%.
  3. Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C. — 4%.
  4. Former Vice President Mike Pence — 4%.
  5. Former South Carolina GOP Gov. Nikki Haley — 3%.
  6. Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy — 1%.
  7. Former Arkansas GOP Gov. Asa Hutchinson — 1%.
  8. North Dakota GOP Gov. Doug Burgum — 1%.
  9. Conservative pundit Larry Elder — 1%.
  10. Former New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie — 1%.

The poll, taken after news of Trump’s indictment Thursday, shows that his base is sticking strong with him, and he is picking up some support from others.

Trump’s messaging is catching on with likely Republican primary voters, too. Just 26% want their nominee to be someone unlike Trump, while an overwhelming majority of 74% want their nominee to be like Trump.

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“Trump is at least being considered by three-quarters of the primary electorate; that’s always a critical measure at this early stage of a race, where voters know they have time to weigh the merits of multiple candidates, so far from the actual vote,” according to CBS News poll analysis.

“Respondents here were free to consider as many or as few as they liked, and most Republican voters are still considering more than one candidate”:

  1. Trump 75%.
  2. DeSantis 51%.
  3. Scott 21%.
  4. Pence 16%.
  5. Haley 15%.
  6. Ramaswamy 13%.
  7. Elder 9%.
  8. Christie 7%.
  9. Hutchinson 6%.
  10. Burgum 4%.

The CBS News/YouGov survey was conducted among 2,480 U.S. adult residents June 7-10, 586 of whom are likely GOP primary voters. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.7 percentage points for all adults and plus or minus 5.5 percentage points for likely GOP primary voters.

Do you support Trump more after the DOJ indictment?

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