Trump Leads Biden 12 Points on Favorability as Ukraine Adds to Pressures

With the war in Ukraine adding to issues on President Joe Biden’s plate, a just released Emerson College Poll shows him down 12 points in favorability with his predecessor, former President Donald Trump.

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Who would win if the election were held today?

According to the poll, 59% of voters expressed a somewhat or very favorable view of Trump, while 47% had a somewhat or very favorable view of Biden.

The two are more closely matched in a hypothetical 2024 election, where Trump leads Biden 45% to 42%.

But it isn’t all bad news for Biden. His favorability numbers are up one point from the same poll in February when it was 43%, and his disapproval fell one point to 49%.

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Biden’s approval numbers have been in freefall in multiple polls throughout his presidency as he has continued to battle COVID, the botched Afghanistan pullout and inflation — including higher gasoline prices.

The poll showed the issues that voters most care about include: the economy (including jobs, inflation, and taxes) at 37%, healthcare at 14% and the Ukraine-Russian war at 12%.

Most voters, 39%, blamed Biden for high gas prices, followed by sanctions on Russia at 21% and the gas and oil companies at 18%. Continue reading at Newsmax.