Trump Warns: ‘We Don’t Have an Open, Free Media Anymore’

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By Eric Mack | Newsmax

Taking a page out of the playbook of politically biased voter “suppression polls,” the media has now gone to suppressing and silencing conservative voices to prop up Democrats, former President Donald Trump warned in an exclusive podcast interview Tuesday.

The latest “The Michael Savage Show” asked Trump if the country was “melting down” under President Joe Biden.

“It is,” Trump responded, pointing the finger at complicit media contributing to the implosion, “if you look at the border, if you look at what’s going on with justice, if you look at all of the things that are happening – and frankly if you look at the media – where the media is a closed media.

“We don’t have an open and free media anymore.”

Trump rebuked what is ostensibly a hear no evil, see no evil situation with the media covering the Biden administration, including failing to cover the Democrat candidate in a negative light.

“They don’t want to hear anything,” Trump added to host Michael Savage. “They don’t write about it.

“It’s collusive. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. It all happened during this period of time.”

It all started in the 2020 presidential campaign with a media desirous of elevating Biden to president, Trump continued.

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