Trump on ‘World’s Greatest I-Told-You-So Tour,’ Says Don Jr.

Former President Donald Trump got lots of tongues wagging on the right that he was hinting more strongly than ever about another run for the White House in 2024, but his son Donald Trump Jr. tells Newsmax there is no news to share on that front just yet.

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“They’re going to find out the hard way starting on Nov. 8, and then again, even more so on November 2024,” Trump told the crowd in a speech at CPAC on Saturday night. “They will find out like never before. We did it twice, and we’ll do it again. We’re going to be doing it again a third time.”

With that, conservative Twitter was aflutter Trump was announcing — without officially announcing, and thus triggering campaign finance restrictions — that he was running.

Among those speculators were Newsmax host Sean Spicer, and when Trump Jr. appeared on his show “Spicer & Co.” on Monday, Spicer asked him about it.

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“Are we reading too much into this thing, or is he leaning a lot more into 2024 than he has before?” Spicer asked.

“I think he’s leaning into the notions because he’s probably on perhaps the world’s greatest I-told-you-so tour,” Trump Jr. said. “Everything the media lied to you about that Donald Trump was, happens to be exactly what Joe Biden is.”

Russia invaded sovereign nations under George W. Bush and Barack Obama, but paused four years under Trump, he said. Plus, inflation is skyrocketing, and Biden has caused a crisis on America’s southern border by repealing Trump’s executive orders there, Trump Jr. noted.

“I think Americans understand that Donald Trump was right, and, again, he may not be the villain they made him out to be,” Trump Jr. said. “Everything that was called a conspiracy theory six months later, has proven to be 100% right in favor of Donald Trump.” Read more at Newsmax.

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