EXCLUSIVE: Trump Says Republicans to Unveil New ‘Contract with America’

Former President Donald Trump told national radio host Todd Starnes that House Republicans will announce a new “Contract with America” Friday.

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“They’re going to announce a new contract on Friday,” Trump told Starnes Thursday. “I think it will be very strong…very good.”

“The contract is common sense, right?” Trump said, before giving some details about what will be part of it.

“We want to have strong borders. We want to have a strong military. We want to have energy independence,” he said. “I mean, there’s so many different things, low taxes, great education. We don’t want men playing in women’s sports, you know, little simple things like that,” the former president added.

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The name “Contract with America” comes from the title of the Republican legislative agenda surrounding the 1994 congressional elections.

Led by House Speaker Newt Gingrich, nearly every Republican up for election in the House of Representatives signed a document outlining Republicans’ goals if they won control of Congress.

Republicans united over tax cuts, reducing the size of government and welfare reform.

The “Contract with America” led Republicans to victory in 1994, and many believe a similar, unified agenda can help Republicans in 2022.


The following is a rush transcript from the Todd Starnes Show which airs daily from noon to 3:00 p.m. EST.

STARNES: [00:01:05] I want to go live to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. What an honor to visit once again with our great president, Donald Trump. Mr. President, welcome back to the show. [00:01:13][8.7]

TRUMP: [00:01:14] Well, thank you very much, Todd. And it’s been a while, but not that long. And I look forward to talking to you again. [00:01:20][6.1]

STARNES: [00:01:21] You know, Mr. President, back in November you invited me down to Mar a Lago. We had a great conversation for the new book. I got a call two weeks ago from an investigative reporter at Forbes Magazine, and they literally asked me, did President Trump give you, Todd Starnes, any classified documents? And I said, the president gave me a delicious and refreshing Diet Coke. And he was very kind and offered great hospitality at Mar a Lago. [00:01:47][26.2]

TRUMP: [00:01:49] These people are sick. They’re sick people. Can you imagine? And it’s constant. It’s just constant. And what this country is going through, we’re fighting from within and we’re fighting from the outside. But the ones from within are more dangerous, you know, and they are just horrible, horrible people. [00:02:05][16.3]

STARNES: [00:02:05] They’re terrible. Mr. President, and I get this question a lot. How how do you cope with all of this? I’m not sure the average American could put up with all of the crap you get. And pardon my language, sir, but the crap you get from the deep state and the mainstream media and the Democrats. [00:02:22][16.6]

TRUMP: [00:02:24] Well, you know, I get it a lot. Two days ago, a friend of mine actually mentioned it, last night I was I was doing the show of a friend of yours, Sean Hannity. I did a show last night and I think it’s going to be on tonight also, it’s a double. We had it going so good that I think he got 2 hours out of it. But I mentioned that a guy came, a very successful man, you’ve probably heard of him. I won’t give you his name, but a very successful guy. And he asked me, pulled me aside. He said, Can I ask you a question? How do you take it? How do you take what they do? And I said, Do I have a choice? I mean, It’d be wonderful if I had a choice. I don’t. These people are sick. I really believe they hate our country. There’s something wrong when you don’t want to have borders, when you don’t want to have low gasoline prices and energy prices. We were energy independent and even dominant. We were getting to be dominant. We would have been more dominant than Russia and Saudi Arabia combined in a short while. But, you know, all these different things that we did with the biggest tax cuts and regulation cuts, everything, no inflation, we had it going so good and, you know, to think that we had it going so good. And how can anybody be against a border when you look at what’s happening? You know, you probably heard two days ago Venezuela dumped their prisoners into the United States of America. You saw that they opened up their jail cells. [00:03:43][79.7]

STARNES: [00:03:44] Very bad people. Very bad people, Mr. President. [00:03:47][2.6]

TRUMP: [00:03:48] Yeah, that’s right. But it’s not only Venezuela. In fact, I’m surprised it took them so long because, frankly, other countries, we have 129 different countries. Many of them have already done the same thing. They’re emptying their prisons into the United States. And that’s one thing we’re going to have to live with that for a long time, a long time. What they’re doing is they’re literally poisoning our country. [00:04:09][21.6]

STARNES: [00:04:10] What do you think the end game of all of that is, Mr. President, flooding these illegals and letting them invade our country? What’s the end game? [00:04:17][6.5]

TRUMP: [00:04:17] I don’t even think they know. You know, they say, oh, they want the votes. You know, frankly, I’m doing so well with the Hispanic votes, but they want the votes. You know, you hear all these sophisticated plans. I think they want to ruin the country. I really do. I think there’s something about it. They want to destroy our country when there is nothing good about that. Let people come in. But they have to come in through a process. They have to come in legally. But there’s just nothing else you can think of. I mean, who would do that? They don’t need the votes because they cheat so much. You know, they cheat and they get the votes. So why do they have to do that? It’s a it’s a question you get asked, you know, why are they doing that? Who would believe in open borders? Who would believe in defund the police? I mean, you tell me, Todd. Who would believe in defund the police? I see where in a couple of places I won’t even mention them because I like the people that are involved in some ways. I mean, they’re sort of being shut out. But in a couple of places, it’s two and a half to four and a half hours call time. So if you’re being raped and you call the police, they’ll show up within two and a half to four and a half hours. You know, it’s out of control. All Democrat run areas. [00:05:30][72.9]

STARNES: [00:05:31] Oh. Mr. President, we broadcast our show from my hometown, Memphis, Tennessee. And it’s a war zone around here. And now we’ve got a George Soros district attorney. People are just fed up and they’re fed up with the crime and the violence and, you know, moving to the midterms, would you recommend that the Republicans unify around some messages, maybe a contract with the American people? [00:05:54][22.9]

TRUMP: [00:05:56] Well, they’re going to announce the contract on Friday. They’re going to announce, I think it will be very strong. It’s a Contract with America. The House is doing it and I think it’s going to be very good. But, you know, the contract is common sense, right? We want to have strong borders. We want to have strong military. We want to have energy independence. We you know, we go down the list. I mean, there’s so many different things, low taxes, great education. We don’t want men playing in women’s sports, you know, little simple things like that. And you’re not even allowed to say that. That’s very politically incorrect. To even have it on the air, I think you’d say, oh, sir, please don’t mention that. You’re not even allowed to say men in women’s sports, you see the records that are being said in women’s sports, they’re breaking records in numbers that would have never happened. It’s crazy. [00:06:45][49.1]

Biden Wanders Around Stage, Looks Confused

STARNES: [00:06:45] It’s true. On the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line is our good friend and great American patriot, President Donald Trump. Mr. President, a few days ago we got word, I know Fox News has been covering this. We’ve been talking about it. This 18-year-old kid from North Dakota, a Republican, the guy who mowed him down, accused him of being part of a Republican extremist group. That’s the same language that Joe Biden used during that Darth Brandon speech in Philadelphia. [00:06:57][12.1]

TRUMP: [00:07:12] Yeah, they say he got a lot of language, a lot of his hatred maybe from that speech. I mean, it was such a terrible speech in so many ways, including delivery. I think delivery was a big part of it. It was such a horrible setup with the lights, the red light that CNN turned pink because they didn’t like the look. They thought it was too, you know what. And it was a terrible thing. Well, that’s the way they are. And that’s the true Democrat. I mean, I never saw Biden that much. He was never an upstanding person. I never saw Biden like he’s turned out to be. He’s turned out to be far worse than Bernie Sanders. Actually, Bernie Sanders cannot believe what’s happening. Somebody told me the other day that Bernie Sanders isn’t believing this whole thing. Yesterday he spoke at the United Nations, Biden did, and all he wanted to talk about was climate change. Now, the big climate change, the thing that’s going to change the climate is a nuclear weapon if we’re not careful and we’re going to end up in World War III if we’re not careful. He talked about that for about 2 seconds. And then he goes on about climate change is the biggest threat and the whole place is rolling their eyes. It’s crazy what’s happening. [00:08:24][71.4]

STARNES: [00:08:25] I want you to weigh in on this. Letitia James, this is a crazy story here. I want to get to the lawsuit in a moment. But she want she said she wanted you out of New York City. Now, I lived in New York for 15 years when I was at Fox News. And I’m not sure the average American understands the impact that your company has had in that city and the great things you did from the buildings to the ice skating rink. [00:08:48][23.3]

TRUMP: [00:08:54] And the conventions and many many buildings all over the city. [00:08:54][0.0]

STARNES: [00:08:55] What sort of an impact is that going to have, Mr. President, if they force all of your business out of New York City? [00:09:00][5.1]

TRUMP: [00:09:01] Well, I don’t I think it’s. Look, this is a racist attorney general. She is no good. She’s a whack job. I never thought she was bringing the case because they don’t have a case. In fact, if you look at the reviews, The Wall Street Journal today has an editorial, The most ridiculous thing on values. And I think the values are low in many cases. Actually, they’re very low in many cases. And you’ll see that. But this is a terrible person who campaigned on “I’ll get Trump. I’ll get Trump.” She campaigned on it. She’s got nothing. She couldn’t even answer questions yesterday when they were asking her questions. She’s dumb as a rock and she’s angry. She’s an angry person and she’s being killed by this thing. That’s really pretty amazing, actually. I wasn’t sure if that was going to happen or not. But she’s angry, vicious, and dumb. That’s a very bad combination. [00:09:53][52.5]

STARNES: [00:09:55] Mr. President, we don’t have a lot of time. And I want to get back to this raid. I heard some rumblings that I mean, you guys are still trying to figure out what all the FBI took, and I heard somewhere that maybe they might have taken your will. [00:10:08][13.0]

TRUMP: [00:10:09] I think they took my will. I’m trying to find it. Now, the bad part about that is if I left somebody a little bit too little, they’re going to be reading about it. And I’ll have somebody with a long face in front of me, right? Yes, now my will is not there. [00:10:21][11.7]

STARNES: [00:10:21] That’s never good. [00:10:22][0.6]

TRUMP: [00:10:23] That’s never good. Somebody’s got my will. So anyway, but it’s I think it’s it’s disgraceful what they did. And, you know, my poll numbers are the highest they’ve ever been right now because of all this stuff and because of the job we did for four years. In all fairness, people are longing for like the book “Journey Together.” The book sold so well because people they’re almost romanticizing about what it was. Even with all the witch hunts and everything else, practically no president has done what we did with everything. With the biggest tax cuts and the biggest everything. I rebuilt our military. Then we gave 85 billion of it to the Taliban. Can you believe that? 85 billion. In, I think the lowest point in the history of our country. Personally, I think I was the lowest point. The wall was coming through. We built the wall. We completed the wall. And then I said, let’s build some more. We were building 200 miles more, could have had it done in a period of three weeks. And they decided not to do it. And that that was like the first signal. I said, No way. And they said, Yep, they decided not to do it. And so there’s something, there’s something they’re doing, Todd. But they’re very, very ill people. They really are. [00:11:39][75.8]

STARNES: [00:11:40] I saw a meme the other day, Mr. President, that they were actually it was a live cam shot of Martha’s Vineyard. And I think they were actually building the wall around Martha’s Vineyard. [00:11:47][7.7]

TRUMP: [00:11:48] Oh, that’s funny. Oh, that’s a great that’s great. I think that’s great. So anyway, well, the wall worked. And we had the lowest number of drugs coming in, the least amount of drugs coming in 50 years. We had a lot of things that, because of the wall, because of all the wall we built, and we had the lowest number of that, we had human trafficking down to a much lower number. Now it’s gone through the roof. The human trafficking now is through the roof. I mean, it’s never been anywhere near what’s happened. That’s very sad. [00:12:18][30.2]

STARNES: [00:12:19] Mr. President, we have 60 seconds, and I’ve got to talk about this awesome rally coming up in North Carolina this weekend. That’s going to be a lot of fun. [00:12:26][7.4]

TRUMP: [00:12:28] Well, it’s going to be and we’re they’re honoring Ted Budd, as you know, it’s fantastic. And Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson. I hope you love him because he’s a fantastic guy. He’s great. And Ted, you know, is now leading substantially. He’s a very, very popular guy and a great guy. And I think he’s going to have a tremendous, really a tremendous victory. And I hope you’re going to be there. [00:12:51][22.8]

Biden Wanders Around Stage, Looks Confused

STARNES: [00:12:52] It’s going to be a great weekend in North Carolina. And, Mr. President, there are people all over this country. Our audience, border to border, coast to coast, they are Trump fans. And we appreciate you taking taken time, Mr. President. [00:13:05][12.8]

TRUMP: [00:13:05] And I’m your fan. And thank you very much. I really appreciate it, Todd. I’ll see you soon. Okay? [00:13:09][3.9]

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