Trump Spox: DeSantis Committing ‘Political Suicide’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is committing “political suicide,” Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington told the “Todd Starnes Show” Wednesday.

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Harrington slammed the governor after his comments about former President Trump this week.

“It’s about a lot more than Ron DeSantis and whatever political ambitions he has and the people in his ear pushing him to really commit political suicide,” Harrington told national radio host Todd Starnes, “because that’s what he’s been doing the past couple of days. It’s about so much more than that. It’s about our country and we all need to unify.”

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She added that because the 2024 presidential candidate is a Florida resident, DeSantis should have made this issue more of a priority.

“To suggest that this is not a ‘real issue,’ that he’s dealing with real issues in Florida. Well, first of all, it is a real issue in Florida because President Trump is a resident of your state, which you brag about all the time,” Harrington told Starnes.

Trump has been taking shots at DeSantis on Truth Social:

“Ron DeSanctimonious is the most overrated politician in America. His Numbers on COVID, Crime, and Education are terrible, but nobody knows it—Now they do. He shouldn’t even be running!” Trump wrote Thursday.

“While I am fighting against Radical Left Lunatics, Persecutors, and unfair Prosecutors who want to destroy us all, Ron DeSanctimonious is not working for the people of Florida as he should be, he is too busy chatting with a Ratings Challenged TV Host from England, desperately trying to rescue his failing Campaign—But it’s my fault, I put him there!” Trump wrote in a post.

He then added, “Ron DeSanctimonious is running—without running! He’s doing this to subvert Election Law. Run Ron, Run! Others have done it before, though, so I can’t really blame him—But he should take a look at his Polls, which are crashing like few people have seen before. That’s because he’s merely an average REPUBLICAN Governor who has great Public Relations, far better than deserved. When you look at the Florida #’s compared to other States, you will not be impressed—I will release them later in the day!”

The rhetoric has not been completely one-sided. In an interview on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” this week, the governor noted some areas where he would’ve acted differently than Trump if he had been president.

“Well I think there’s a few things,” DeSantis said. “The approach to COVID was different. I would have fired somebody like Fauci. I think he got way too big for his britches, and I think he did a lot of damage.”

DeSantis also implied that Trump’s leadership style is dramatic.

When talking about how he and the former president differ, DeSantis said, “The way we run the government I think is no daily drama, focus on the big picture and put points on the board and I think that’s something that’s very important.”

Additionally, DeSantis recently said he would not focus on Trump’s potential indictment. Instead, he wants to focus on issues that affect Floridians.

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