Trump Urges Christians to ‘Send Money’

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Starnes: [01:42:41] I want to go right now to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. We are honored to have with us President Trump. Mr. President, always good to have you with us. [01:42:48][7.8]

Trump: [01:42:49] OK, it’s great to be with you, Todd. [01:42:51][1.4]

Starnes: [01:42:52] So, Mr. President, I want to get your take on what’s been happening since Friday. You had Mike Pence coming out and taking a cheap shot at you. Then you had his chief of staff and Chris Christie coming out over the weekend. Do you feel a sense of betrayal from these guys? [01:43:07][14.5]

Trump: [01:43:09] Well, I think in a lot of ways they don’t exactly understand the issue, and I think he never did. If you have voter fraud, if you have ballot harvesting at levels like nobody’s ever seen and that’s about to be released, you know that there are numbers that are not even believable. They’re so big. But even before this, that’s coming out and you see what’s happening with it. People are starting to talk about it. But this is on tape. This is video. This is pictures. This is everything 100 percent. But even before that, you had, in many cases, more votes than you had voters. Little things like that. You had ballot harvesting. You had many, many affidavits from many, many, many people, thousands of people saying what went on in the various, in particular the swing states. So if you know that there’s something wrong, if you know, as an example, that in certain states you had more votes than you had voters, then I think you have an obligation to send it back to the legislatures. And I never said, turn it over, as Thomas Jefferson did. By the way, Thomas Jefferson kept the votes. Mike Pence said he’ll send it to the old crow Mitch McConnell, where it just said, Can you imagine Schumer doing that? If Schumer ever was in that position, you would have never allowed this to happen. He would have never allowed a race that was so corrupt and so horrible and now is found out to be because you take a look at the five states, you take a look at other states. See what’s going on there? Take a look at what’s happening in Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. Take a look at what’s happening. What should be happening in Georgia. Take a look at what’s going on in these states and you’ll see something like nobody can believe. So if you know something’s wrong or even possibly wrong, even possibly wrong, wouldn’t you send it back to the legislatures of those states? Please check this and get back to us immediately. It’s all they had to do. And a very, very interesting thing. You know, say, are they supposed to be a conveyor belt that votes whether they’re correct or incorrect or there’s major doubt about you’re going to be conveyor belt and convey it right in for somebody to really destroy our nation because look at what’s happened to our country, Todd. In the last short period of time, there has never been destruction to a country, to our country like this. You could add up to five worst presidents in history, and they don’t even come close to what this guy’s done in a period of one year. So look at what they’ve done. But very simply, if you think there was fraud or irregularities, you can send that back to have their legislatures check. It wouldn’t take long. Please get right back to us. But the interesting part is, when this was all happening, you and everybody else heard something, and the something that you heard was that we cannot do it, that the vice president is not allowed under any circumstances, no matter how bad it was, no matter how fraudulent it was, no matter what you found or will find, the vice president has no say. Now remember this? I didn’t say turn over the election. I said, Send it back. I want you to send it back. I recommended strongly for verification to the legislatures. But when you heard that he had no choice, he couldn’t do anything. OK, that’s fine. How come Susan Collins and Murkowski, the RINOs and how come all of the Democrats are working so hard to change the law to stop the vice president in the future from doing it? So if he had no choice but to do it, how come they want a law changed saying that he can no longer do it? [01:46:43][213.8]

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Starnes: [01:46:43] That’s a good question. [01:46:43][0.0]

Trump: [01:46:44] And that was supposed to be foolproof. They were saying he has absolutely no right under any circumstances to do it. And yet they’re working, Todd, full time right now. They’re working full time to try and change the law so the vice president in the future can’t do it. And I say that to anybody that listens and when they when they hear it, they agree. Most agreed anyway. You know, many people agreed anyway. You know, if you think there’s something wrong, you should send it back to the legislature. And that’s what we were talking about sending to get back to the legislature. You know, again, it was a long time ago, Thomas Jefferson, there was a big dispute in Georgia. He kept the votes for him and his president. He kept the votes. Mike chose not to do it. But remember this final little statement? Very simply put, he had no right to do it, according to all of these people, Democrats and RINOs. He had no right to do it. Okay, so why are they changing the law? Why are they working so feverishly right now and changing the law so that they take away his right to do it? So they’re saying he did, in fact, have the right to do it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be changing the law or trying to. [01:47:56][72.5]

Starnes: [01:47:56] It’s a fair question, Mr. President, and one that deserves an answer. I want to switch gears real quick. You have been warning Americans for years about the cancel culture mob. They came after Joe Rogan with such ferocity. And they’re trying to get this guy erased. Even the president of the United States, Joe Biden weighing in, the White House weighing in and wanting Spotify to cancel Joe Rogan. Do you stand with Joe? [01:48:24][27.6]

Trump: [01:48:26] I stand with Joe. I stand with free speech. I stand with fair elections. I stand with strong borders. Look at what’s happening to our country. We have millions and millions of people pouring into our country. We have no idea where they come from, what they stand for. We have terrorists coming into our country. We’ll be paying a big price over the years. We have prisoners. They have, they’re emptying their prisons into our country. We have no borders whatsoever. And our elections are corrupt. No voter I.D. When they fight for no voter I.D., what do you think that means they fight? We don’t want voter I.D. We will not approve anything with voter I.D. There’s only one reason they do that because they are defrauding the people of this country from a fair and free election. Why wouldn’t somebody want voter I.D.? In other words, you’re going to vote and we want to see voter I.D. We want a picture or whatever is necessary for voter I.D.. And interesting, when the Democrats had their national convention, they had very large pictures of themselves before they could get in. You wouldn’t get in. You couldn’t get in, no matter who you were, unless you had voter ID, unless you had an I.D. ID called it an identification card, which was strong with a big picture, a picture the size of your chest. And if you didn’t do that, you couldn’t get into the Democratic National Convention. But when it comes to voting, they don’t want that. All they want is mail-in voting because it’s corrupt. [01:49:56][89.8]

Starnes: [01:49:57] On the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line is President Trump. Mr. President, Stacey Abrams making some news. She was photographed without wearing a face mask. All these children in this classroom surrounding her. They had to wear the masks. And we’ve seen this play out with, you know, Gavin Newsom, Eric Garcetti, London Breed, the mayor of San Francisco. This double standard that’s out there, Mr. President. [01:50:22][24.2]

Trump: [01:50:24] It’s a double standard. I think she’s going to be beaten by David Perdue. I think David Perdue, I’m hearing that he’s doing really well in Georgia and they’re very angry with the secretary of state. They’re very angry with the governor of Georgia for allowing that election to take place. It was corrupt and people are now seeing it. And now with the ballot harvesting coming out, hopefully they’ll be doing something about that because the ballot harvesting, the illegal ballot harvesting, which they now have on tape. So it’s not like, Oh, gee, this happened. No, it’s on tape. With moving tape and with live silent tape, they have every form of picture you can have every form of technology. They took pictures of these guys with the votes because they couldn’t get paid unless they had a picture with them on the votes stuffing the ballot boxes. So they have everything. And people are very upset in Georgia because we won Georgia by a lot. Georgia was not even close. Georgia is a red state and we won it. Red state unless they cheat. And it’ll be very interesting to see whether or not the secretary of State then hopefully will, whether or not he gets involved with the ballot harvesting that’s just been released. True to vote, just been released, just being released. I guess it really comes out over the next few weeks. But these are hundreds of hours of tapes of people cheating with thousands and thousands of ballots, numbers that are massive. Actually, it’s a massive voter fraud on our country. [01:51:55][91.1]

Starnes: [01:51:56] How concerned are you, Mr. President, about the redistricting efforts? I know you put out a statement a few days ago, very concerned, and what do the Republicans need to be doing? [01:52:05][9.5]

Trump: [01:52:07] Well, if you look at New York as an example, they’re going to pick up four seats, probably because of the way they redistricted and the way they redistricted is is violent, vicious and otherwise would be called a joke. And even the New York Times did an editorial about the fact that this is a terrible thing that the Democrats are doing. They’re going to pick up four seats, whereas they would have had none. That’s in one location and they have other locations also. So they’re redistricting and they fight a very strong battle in terms of elections. And frankly, their policies are no good. Defund the police. Sanctuary cities. No voter ID. All of this is higher taxes. Weak military. I mean, they have the worst policy, but they know how to cheat on elections. That’s their strength. That’s the only thing they do. They cheat on elections, and it’s a terrible thing for our country. [01:53:07][59.5]

Starnes: [01:53:08] You know, Mr. President, our time is quickly expiring here. And one of there was a minister who wrote in and said, Todd, we want you to tell President Trump that there are many, many people of faith that are praying for the president. And how can people do that? Mr. President, is there. I mean, how can they support you and pray for you? [01:53:25][17.1]

Trump: [01:53:27] Well, they can send money because these people are well-financed and it’s got Make America Great Again, Make America Great Again PAC. And it’s it’s doing well, but whatever they send would be great. But we’re fighting for religion, we’re fighting for exactly what you’re talking about. We fight for life. We fight for things that people aren’t. They don’t fight like they used to. Or maybe they never fought before. I don’t know. But we’re fighting for the country because our country is in trouble. We have corrupt politicians and we have people that are using law enforcement for political purposes. It’s a disgrace what they’re doing. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. Never like this. And what they’re doing, I just don’t think is going to be sustainable or allowed. I just don’t think it can be allowed. So Make America Great Again PAC. And if they did that, that’d be great. And I will only tell you this. I’m fighting very hard for you. We’ve never had better poll numbers. My poll numbers are through the roof. Both the primary polls, I’m the highest I’ve ever been, and also the general election polls against Biden and against Harris. They’re very strong. But you know, how could they possibly be strong on the other side after Afghanistan as an example? I think that the lowest point in the history of our country in terms of embarrassment was the way we pulled out of Afghanistan, and I’m the one that got it down to 2,000 troops. I got us there, but we were going to pull out with strength and dignity, and we were going to take our equipment with us. We would have had no deaths. It was 13, but we had horrible, horrible injuries of so many more. And it’s I think it was the lowest point, in my opinion, in the history of our country. And it’s having an impact right now. Russia doesn’t have any respect for us or our leader. China has no respect for us or our leader. And you know, the Afghanistan, the way they did that, leaving $85 billion worth of equipment behind, dead soldiers, and leaving hostages, hostages. I mean, to this day, we have people there. They don’t know how they get them out. They don’t know how they’re going to get them out. [01:55:41][134.3]

Starnes: [01:55:41] It’s true. [01:55:41][0.1]

Trump: [01:55:42] And they’re in great danger. … The way they did, that was horrible. There was no, you know, in my administration for 18 months, we not one soldier was killed or even shot at because they understood can’t do that. [01:55:55][13.6]

Starnes: [01:55:56] That’s true. [01:55:56][0.2]

Trump: [01:55:56] So it’s a very sad time for our country. [01:55:58][1.6]

Starnes: [01:55:58] Well, Mr President, we always appreciate you coming on the program. You’ve got a lot of supporters all over America and you know that. And honestly, you need another hat, though one that says Trump was right all along. [01:56:09][10.4]

Starnes: [01:56:11] We were right about a lot of things. You. Thank you very much, Todd. [01:56:13][2.4]

Starnes: [01:56:14] All right. Thanks, Mr. President. All right. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s Donald Trump from Mar-a-Lago. And we appreciate the president coming on the program. [01:56:22][8.6]

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