Trump Warns Infrastructure Bill ‘Beginning of Green New Deal’

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Former President Trump took a shot at President Biden and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s massive dumpster fire of an infrastructure bill Sunday.

The bill is currently in the Senate and is expected to pass this week after lawmakers, including 18 Republicans, advanced the bill Saturday, setting it up for final passage, Newsmax reports.

“This is not an infrastructure bill, this is the beginning of the Green New Deal,” Trump said in a statement.

“The bill I proposed, which Mitch McConnell couldn’t do anything with, was pure infrastructure,” he said. “I want what is best for America, not what’s best for the Communist Democrat Party. This will be a big victory for the Democrats and will be used against Republicans in the upcoming elections. Schumer is using the threat of ‘we can do it the hard way or do it the easy way’ and keeping people in town. McConnell never did that on a real infrastructure bill. Hopefully the House will be much stronger than the Senate.”

The bill passed the House late July by a vote of 221-201, largely along party lines.

“Congratulations to Senator Bill Hagerty in remaining true to ‘AMERICA FIRST!'” Trump concluded after the Republican senator from Tennessee blocked a vote Saturday, explaining that the GOP needed more time to consider the lengthy bill’s contents.