If The Vote Is Honest, Youngkin Will Win: Trump Tells Starnes

Former President Trump blasted “sleaze bags” in the media for fake stories about the Virginia gubernatorial race in a lengthy sitdown with national radio host Todd Starnes Monday.

“If the vote is honest, he will win,” Trump said of Youngkin, calling Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe a “low-life.”

Trump took the media to task for reports about rifts between Youngkin and the GOP kingmaker.

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“If you watch CNN, you would think that he hates me and I hate him. And I refuse to go and he doesn’t want me to go. And it’s exactly the opposite, exactly the opposite,” Trump said. “We have a very good relationship.”

Trump held a tele-rally on the eve of the race for Youngkin.

And he slammed the “perverts” at the Lincoln Project for posing as “white supremacist” Youngkin supporters last week.

“It’s all phony,” Trump said. “All these people do is phony stuff. It’s misinformation. I think the Democrats, it’s amazing how brilliant they are at misinformation.”

Starnes slammed Virginia Democrats on the Todd Starnes Radio Show Tuesday for colluding with the media and playing the race card.

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