Trump’s Re-election May be In Jeopardy Unless New Trump Voters Turn Out

The 2020 election will be critical and historic. What Donald Trump offers the country if reelected is a chance to hold back the Democratic forces of evil, the ability to change the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary for a generation, the opportunity for long-term economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the additional time needed to further expose and battle the Washington establishment and deep state. One of the major obstacles to Trump’s reelection will be voter fraud and ballot harvesting at unprecedented levels, such as what took place in Orange County, California, during the 2018 election.

The global establishment will hit Trump with everything in its vast financial and political arsenal during his reelection bid. This time around, COVID-19 provides a convenient opportunity to blame the need for mail-in balloting on social distancing and the fear of catching and spreading the coronavirus. Trump, who has empowered and inspired an increased worldwide awareness of the importance of national sovereignty, will be singled out for vengeance.

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This is the very reason Trump’s reelection is so important. He is a historic political reformer who has totally changed the geopolitical narrative to the real issue of our time: nationalism versus globalism. The global establishment has seen, in two years, its 100-year plan for a total consolidation of its financial, political and institutional power into a world government implode before its very eyes.

The global elite, social media, corporate press and Democratic Party will join forces to defeat Trump in 2020. The American people will witness the most political, corrupt, well-financed election battle in presidential history.

According to Trevor Loudon, a New Zealander who now lives in Florida and who has studied the Left and communism for years, Steve Phillips has played a key role in the Democrats’ new strategy. Phillips is a San Francisco lawyer and the author of a book about how the demographic revolution has created a “New American Majority.” Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition inspired Phillips’ approach, and his fortuitous marriage into the billionaire Herb and Marion Sandler family fortune has given him the influence and resources to make it a reality. When Jackson started the Rainbow Coalition in the eighties, its goal was to mobilize millions of Democratic-leaning people of color to become voters. Back in 1980, minority voters made up 12 percent of the electorate in America, and most of those minority voters were Black. Today minority voters are around 28 percent of the electorate and include Hispanics and other groups.

Phillips, a self-confessed student of Marx and Lenin and graduate of Stanford University, was Jesse Jackson’s California student coordinator in 1988. With Sandler money and his Rainbow Coalition background, Phillips has become a major player in the Democratic Party and a leader of the Democracy Alliance, an unsavory coalition of around 100 leftist millionaires and billionaires, including George Soros, Tom Steyer and Norman Lear of People for the American Way.

With Steve Phillips’ guidance and his connections to networks of grassroots communist activists mainly in the South and Southwest, the Democracy Alliance has seen Democrats in California gain a $4 million voter edge over Republicans in voter registrations. Virginia, once a reliable Republican state, has turned almost blue because of this program, and several more Southern states are on the same trajectory.

Loudon told me that with Democracy Alliance money, these leftists have consolidated 20 voter registration organizations from 15 states into the State Power Caucus for the purpose of registering 10 times as many voters in 2020. That’s right: 40 million new anti-Trump voters. If they reach only 20 percent of that goal, they will flip North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia, Florida and possibly even Texas from Republican to Democratic control. That will give them a “new American majority,” a concept Phillips touted in his 2016 New York Times bestselling book, “Brown Is the New White.”

Endorsed by Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker as well as John Podesta, former chief of staff to Bill Clinton and counselor to Barack Obama, “Brown Is the New White” is the guidebook for the Democratic/communist revolution now unfolding ever so slightly under the radar. In a way, by writing “Brown Is the New White,” Steve Phillips has become the new community organizer and socialist, Saul Alinsky. The way Phillips calculates, 23 percent of the electorate are “progressive people of color.” Add that to the 28 percent of the electorate who are reliable white Democratic voters, and you have 51 percent — what Phillips calls the “New American Majority.”

Loudon also said that the only thing stopping permanent Democrat power is that some of the 23 percent of “progressives” of color don’t vote regularly, so instead of spending billions of dollars to shift 1 or 2 percent of centrist voters into the Democrat column, the new strategy is to sign up tens of millions of new Black and Hispanic voters in the South and Southwest in mass voter registration drives. Then you inspire them to go to the polls by running leftist candidates of color.

Phillips and his money were also behind Democrat Doug Jones, who defeated Republican Roy Moore in a 2017 Alabama special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat Jeff Sessions vacated when he became U.S. attorney general. At a rally targeting Black voters, the leader of the Vote or Die campaign said, “Too many working class and poor people will die if Roy Moore wins,” because health care, housing, and other social programs would be rolled back. During the subsequent midterm elections, the group distributed pamphlets all over Alabama depicting President Trump as a white supremacist and an ally of the Klan.

“Florida, Georgia, and Alabama were merely trial runs for the real deal in 2020,” Loudon said. The State Power Caucus is now applying what it has learned in these states on a national scale to oust Donald Trump. But according to Loudon, defeating Trump is merely a means to an end. Loudon agrees with Donald Trump Jr., who recently told Fox News the 2020 election “is about communism versus freedom.”

Loudon laments the Democrats and their communist allies plan to use minority voters to create a majority that can never be overturned. If they win in 2020, they will then legalize 22 million overwhelmingly pro-Democrat illegal immigrant voters (as Hillary Clinton promised to do within 100 days of taking office), and conservative Christians and Republicans will become a permanent (and very much persecuted) minority in their own country — forever.

Engagement in the fight for a Trump reelection and a conservative House and Senate is a worthy pursuit — just the thought of a radical Democrat or socialist president should be enough to compel any sane American to action. It will take a heroic effort by the Trump campaign leadership and his individual supporters to bring millions of new Trump voters to the polls to have any hope of victory.

Stephen E. Strang is an award-winning journalist, Charisma founder and author of the bestseller “God, Trump, and the 2020 Election,” and new release “God, Trump, and COVID-19.” This content was excerpted from his book, “God, Trump, and the 2020 Election.