Ukrainian-Born Rep. Slams Biden: Stop Financing Putin’s War

Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-IN), who was born in Ukraine, slammed the Biden administration for a “lack of common sense” in the Russia-Ukraine war.

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Is Biden financing Putin's war?

The Republican lawmaker said President Biden is prioritizing the fight against climate change instead of seeking energy independence.

“We have a lack of common sense in Europe, but we also have lack of common sense in our country, and it’s created instability, bloodshed and a lot of problems,” Spartz told Fox News host Sean Hannity Thursday night. “So we need to be smarter. And I think, you know, this president needs to understand if we want to tip the scale and make President Putin listen to us, the most effective way to do it is stop financing his war.”

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She called Biden’s actions so far a “disgrace.”