VANDALIZED! GOP Candidate’s Home Attacked in Pennsylvania

The home of Pennsylvania congressional candidate Sean Parnell was vandalized last night.

“Elections no, Revolution yes,” read the message spray painted on Parnell’s garage door.

“My house was vandalized last night by cowards under the cover of darkness. This is what is at stake in this election. We all must fight for our country and we must do it NOW,” Parnell wrote on Twitter.

Parnell, a rock-solid conservative, is running for Pennsylvania’s 17th congressional district.

The Republican candidate says he will not be bullied or intimidated by the left.

“I will not cower. I will not back down. I will always fight for this nation,” he said.

Be careful out there, conservatives. Look out for your family and for each other. We’ve gotta have each other’s six going into Election Day.

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