Vernon Jones, Running for Georgia Governor, SLAMS ‘Wicked Witch of the South’ Stacey Abrams

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Georgia Democrat-turned-Republican Vernon Jones announced he is running for governor of the Peach State against “RINO” Gov. Brian Kemp, “who cost the state two U.S. Senate seats and President Trump’s election.”

Jones, who supported former President Trump for reelection, told the Todd Starnes Radio Show Wednesday he will fight for Georgians if elected in 2022.

“Georgia wants someone that will stand up to the Left. I’m not afraid of Stacey Abrams. They can’t play that card on me. I look forward to playing that match with her,” Jones told host Todd Starnes.

The former Democratic state lawmaker slammed Kemp for making an agreement with Abrams after she lost the gubernatorial election “that gave Stacey that open season to bring about fraud in our election process.”

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“When I look at Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer — I’m thinking of the Wizard of Oz One doesn’t have any brain. The other one doesn’t have a heart. The other has no courage, and they’re being led, not by Dorothy and Toto, they’re being led by the Wicked Witch of the South, Stacey Abrams,” Jones said.

“We’re in a mess in this country and we have to save our country, and that’s why I’m running to replace Brian and get back to where we are as a red state and start fight for our constitution in this country,” Jones said.


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