VIDEO: Biden Botches Old Testament Book of Psalms. Calls It “The Palmist”

Former Vice President Joe Biden completely botched a reference to the Old Testament book of Psalms during his first Thanksgiving message to the nation.

“We can with the help of God heal and if we do and I’m sure we can, we can proclaim the palmist – the palmist who wrote these following words, “The Lord is my strength and shield and with my song I give thanks to him.”

It’s psalmist, Joe. The “p” is silent.

How does a “devout Catholic” like Biden botch a well-known book of the Bible?

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The Mainstream Media completely ignored the Bible gaffe.

You might remember when then-candidate Trump referenced the the New Testament book of “Two” Corinthians during a 2016 message at Liberty University.

That story was given breaking news coverage from the Mainstream Media propagandists. They were mocking Trump around the clock.

But Biden was given a pass.