VIDEO: Fox Star Juan Williams Blames Trump for Middle East Conflict

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On Fox News’ The Five, Juan Williams had some choice words regarding former President Trump’s handling of foreign affairs.

When his co-hosts claimed the Democratic Party has problems with anti-Semitism, Williams pushed back and called the conversation “wild.”

Williams argued that there are roughly “23 or 24 Jewish Democrats and two Jewish Republicans.”

He later went on to blame Trump for the current conflict between Hamas and Israel.

“Guess what? This didn’t start because Hamas started it,” Williams said, “This started because people were being — the Israeli settlers were coming in Israeli Army forces … Then you get people angry. So much of this goes back to Trump and Netanyahu making a deal with allies —”

Watters tried to interject, but Williams pushed on and defended Palestinians, saying “they’re going after Iran and Iran’s nukes…But they absolutely left the Palestinians behind, the two-state solution that America had pursued for decades…So the Palestinians feel absolutely voiceless and powerless.”