Virginia Rep: ‘We’re Going to Send Nancy Pelosi Her Retirement Papers’ in 2022

Voters are going to send House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) her “retirement papers” in the midterms, Virginia Congressman Ben Cline (R) joined the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

The Republicans in Virginia had a clean sweep winning the governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general seats. Virginia republicans also regained the majority in the statehouse of delegates. 

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“It is a great day in the commonwealth of Virginia but also across this country because we are going to take the wakeup call that parents got in Richmond and take it nationwide,” Cline told host Todd Starnes. “We are going to send Nancy Pelosi her retirement papers next term.”  

On Thursday, Pelosi told reporters Tuesday “was not a good night,” refusing to say much more.


Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin defeated former Democrat governor Terry McAuliffe by more than two percent. Virginians also elected Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears, the Commonwealth’s first black female to hold the office Attorney General-elect Jason Miyares, the first Latino to hold that office in the state.

“Not only did we see a record turnout,” continued the congressman. “Democrats always like to say, ‘if voters turn out, we win.’ We turned out to record numbers for our governor’s race, three million votes.”


The congressman believes that the turnout is attributed to parents dissatisfied with the commonwealth’s COVID mandates restricting access to school board meetings and the federal government’s “one-size fits all education.” 

Starnes believes that if parents all over the country do what they did in the commonwealth, the United States may have historic midterm elections. 

According to Politico, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer believes that McAuliffe might have stood a chance if the infrastructure bill had been passed before Election Day.

While Hoyer believes more socialism might have swung the election in the democrat’s direction, Cline believes McAuliffe’s first bad term and endorsements from Democrat leaders with current bad approval ratings caused the defeat. 

“Youngkin won by listening to the people and delivering a message that resonated locally,” Cline said. “Terry McAuliffe tried to nationalize the race.”


Below is a rushed transcript of Rep. Ben Cline’s interview on the Todd Starnes Radio Show Wednesday:

STARNES: [01:11:55] Let’s just go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line in the Liberty University Studies, Congressman Ben Cline from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Congressman, you guys have to be so happy with what happened yesterday. [01:12:05][10.1]

CLINE: [01:12:07] Todd, it is a great day in the Commonwealth of Virginia, but also across this country because we are going to take the wake up call that parents got and delivered in Richmond. And we’re going to take it nationwide and we’re going to send Nancy Pelosi her retirement papers next November. [01:12:23][16.3]

STARNES: [01:12:24] I love it, and I think that’s I think that’s doable if every citizen does what the folks in the Commonwealth did. I think we’re going to see some historic victories for Republicans in the midterms. [01:12:34][10.5]

CLINE: [01:12:36] Absolutely. Parents are fed up. they’re fed up with a bureaucracy at the local level that keeps them out of their school board meetings. They’re fed up with a state bureaucracy that tells them they have to shut down because of COVID. And they’re really fed up with a federal bureaucracy that’s trying to cram a one size fits all education system down the throats of the parents across the country. So they’re mad and they’re organized, and we’re going to hear from them next year and next November. I think first we’re going to hear a lot of retirements, though, from a lot of Democrats heading for the doors. [01:13:08][32.1]

STARNES: [01:13:09] Now, congressman, there has been some concern that the progress and the argument I’m actually hearing this afternoon is that the problem was McAuliffe was not progressive enough. And that leads me to believe there’s going to be, you know, there’s going to be some infighting within the Democrats, but they could try to shove a lot of stuff into that big infrastructure deal. What are you hearing? [01:13:31][21.9]

CLINE: [01:13:32] They are trying and the progressives are making that case that if only they had passed $3.5 trillion sooner and if only they had delivered more cradle to grave socialism faster, that somehow Terry McAuliffe would have been saved. Well, Terry McAuliffe was a terrible candidate. Yeah, he was a terrible governor the first time around, voters knew him. And then he brings in some of the stars of the left Barack Obama and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. And and they’re all just their numbers are underwater. And if that’s who he needs to deliver the message, I mean, the message couldn’t have been clearer to the parents. You want more of the same vote, Terry McAuliffe. And they rejected that outright. [01:14:18][45.8]

STARNES: [01:14:19] Yeah, no, they did. And but but even further down down ticket, you’ve got the attorney general, the lieutenant governor, the House of Delegates. I think there are five votes out still out, but you’ve got the Republicans, with the majority sitting with a majority of 49 votes right now. That’s that’s huge. I mean, this was a resounding victory for the Republicans. [01:14:40][20.2]

CLINE: [01:14:41] It was. Not only did we see record turnout, you know, Democrats always like to say, Oh, if voters turn out, we win. We turned out record numbers for a governor’s race — three million votes. And Glenn Youngkin still ran and won by listening to the people and delivering a message that resonated locally. Terry McAuliffe tried to nationalize the race, and national politics are not favoring the Democrats right now. And that’s why Winsome Sears, one for lieutenant governor, becoming the first black female lieutenant governor in Virginia’s history. And Jason Myers becomes the first Latino elected in Virginia history, becoming our new attorney general. Our new speaker, Todd Gilbert, is the minority leader, but he is going to be a great speaker by partnering with Glenn Youngkin to push through things like school choice, which is a bipartisan issue. But it’s a conservative issue, and it’s one that resonated when Glenn Youngkin talked about it on the stump, and I look forward to having it delivered in Virginia. [01:15:41][59.6]

STARNES: [01:15:42] Fantastic. Well, congressman, we appreciate you hopping on the line today. It is an exciting day for the Commonwealth, an exciting day for America, and we know it’s going to be a tough fight. But you guys of Virginia are showing us how to do it. [01:15:54][12.4]

CLINE: [01:15:55] We’re ready. Let’s do it. All right. [01:15:56][1.6]

STARNES: [01:15:57] Congressman Ben Kline out of the Commonwealth of Virginia. And he’s he’s excited, he’s got a little pep in his step today. [01:16:03][6.5]

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