Poll: 80 Percent See Voter ID as ‘Important Security Measure’

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By Eric Mack | Newsmax

A large majority of registered American voters (80%) back voter identification as “an important security measure,” according to a new poll.

As Democrats and Republicans battle over election integrity measures in key battleground states and Congress, the Republican National Committee commissioned the Election Integrity Polling Project conducted by former White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway.

In a June poll of 29% identifying as registered Republican voters, including 71% non-Republicans (36% independents, 31% Democrats, and 4% other), 78% of these voters said they support a proposed voting plan with these five principles:

  1. Presenting voter ID.
  2. Signature verification.
  3. Chain of custody controls.
  4. Bipartisan election observers.
  5. Cleaning up the voter rolls.

Those measures are large pieces of Republican-passed election integrity measures in key battleground states.

“Election integrity is very much on the minds of American voters right now,” Conway told RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel on Wednesday. “Americans want to make sure that post-pandemic, we get voter integrity measures right, that they’re fair to everyone, and that we don’t use as an excuse measures that were very specific to a once-in-a-century pandemic.”

Among the poll’s other findings: 89% were in favor of “purging voter rolls” of dead voters or residents who have moved out of the voting locales.

“It’s not just Republicans who are concerned about election integrity,” the RNC stated in the release of the poll’s findings. “Nearly two-thirds (63%) of all voters reported that the issue of election integrity was either their top issue or in their top three when deciding how to vote.”

Voter ID and reviewing voter rolls are two key pieces of Republican-backed election integrity measures, but they are panned by Democrats as a power grab, voter suppression or a function of racism.

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