WATCH: Children Hand Money to Drag Queens at ‘Family-Friendly’ Texas Event

Videos show children giving money to drag queens at a “family-friendly” Texas LGBT event over the weekend, the Post Millennial reports.

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SMTX Pride in San Marcos is a two-day event complete with a pageant featuring “trans youth,” an “Anti-Bully March” to fight discrimination, and “family-friendly” drag shows.

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One video shows a drag queen suggestively pulling a beaded rope from between his legs after receiving cash from a child in the audience.

Another performance in last weekend’s event showed a drag queen dancing to a popular Disney song and taking tips from small children.

One drag queen even addressed the children in the audience in an attempt to get more tips.

“Some of you kids are too young to be working, because that would be against the law. But I know your parents got some money,” the gender-bending dancer told the crowd before parents gave their kids money to give to him.

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As if this was not enough exposure for children, SMTX Pride’s planners chose to host an after-party at Roughhouse Brewing and advertise it as “all-ages” rather than “family-friendly.”

During one of the performances, a drag queen made a sexual comment toward a father in the audience who was with his young child. When the audience laughed, the performer said, “Your kid’s going to learn sometime, I’m sorry.”

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The Post Millennial reports that the first SMTX pride event took place in 2014.

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