WATCH: CNN Dumps Out of Press Conference as Trump Praises Military

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CNN anchor Jake Tapper disrespected President Trump and U.S. Special Forces after he dumped out of this morning’s press conference announcing the death of the leader of ISIS.

A reporter had asked the president if he planned on inviting the Special Forces to the White House.

The president replied that he would and then began to expound on his answer. At that point, Tapper pulled the plug on the press conference.

“All right, as the press conference and announcement turns into lesser matters about who will be invited to the White House to thank them…”

Lesser matters?

This is an important moment in American history. This is about the bravery and heroism of men and women who wear the uniform of this nation.

I know Jeff Zucker and his gang of anti-Trumpers hate this president. They want to destroy this man. And if it means disrespecting the Armed Services — well so be it. Disgusting.