WATCH: Comrade Bernie Sanders Blasts Mini Mike’s Racist Policies

The gloves are off in the Democrat race for the White House.

More than 17,000 Bernie Bros showed up in Tacoma, Washington for a raucous rally that featured the socialist senator blasting former New York City Mayor Mini Mike Bloomberg.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) took direct aim at his rising rival Michael Bloomberg (D) during a massive rally at the Tacoma Dome on Monday, blasting his record as New York City mayor and warning him that he is “not gonna buy this election.”

“Today we say to Mayor Bloomberg: we are a democracy, not an oligarchy, you’re not gonna buy this election,” Sanders said. “We say to Mr. Bloomberg, you are certainly not going to win when you have a record in New York City that included racist policies like stop and frisk which caused communities of color to live in fear and humiliation in New York City.