WATCH: Kamala Harris Can’t Even Define What ‘Semi-Fascist’ Means

Vice President Kamala Harris was caught off guard when she was asked by a member of the mainstream media to define “semi-facist,” the term President Biden used for MAGA Republicans.

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Who is more embarrassing to the country?

“Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd asked Harris, “What is a semi-fascist?”

Harris clicked her teeth before responding.

“Listen, I think that when we…let’s not get caught up in politicizing the fact that most people in America know that it is not helpful to our country when we have people who are denying elections or trying to obstruct the outcome of an election where the largest number of people in our country voted for the President of the United States, and when we look at where we are, I think we have to admit that there are attacks from within … and we need to take it seriously, and we need to stand up together, all of us, and think of this not through [a] partisan lens, but as Americans,” Harris said.

He pressed her on Biden’s push for bipartisanship before he took office.

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“But there are moments in time when we have to also agree — all good people who care about our country — that there are those who right now [who] are vividly not defending our democracy,” Harris said. “And I think we want that our Commander-in-Chief, the President of the United States will speak up and raise the alarm about what this means to our strength and our future, much less our integrity.”

Todd also asked Harris if the “threat from within” is “equal or greater than what we faced after 9/11.”


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