WATCH: TSA Goon Manhandles 13-year-old Boy

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President Trump is facing backlash after he retweeted a video from 2017 showing a 13-year-old boy being manhandled by a TSA goon at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

The TSA explained that the 13-year-old was forced to undergo “enhanced security screening” because his laptop alarmed an explosives trace detection machine.

For the record, no explosives were found. And furthermore – this has happened to me on numerous occasions.

The boy was detained at the checkpoint for 45 minutes. His mother filmed the incident and posted it on Facebook.

“We get it. Nobody likes to be patted down. And nobody likes to see their loved ones patted down, especially children,” TSA wrote on its blog at the time. “TSA screens thousands of families every day, and our officers are trained to communicate with parents, explain screening procedures before they begin, and find the best way to get everyone to their plane safely and efficiently. Many of our officers are parents too.”

The incident at DFW is a reminder of how much freedom American citizens willfully gave up to be free.