‘We are on verge of shooting war in Middle East because of Biden,’ Sen. Ted Cruz tells Todd Starnes

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was a guest on the Todd Starnes Radio Show Thursday. Listen to the full interview above at 9:21.

STARNES: I know you’ve been really speaking out forcefully on what’s been happening with Israel under attack. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, as you said, is acting as if she’s the press secretary for Hamas. How concerned are you about the situation over there in the Middle East?

CRUZ: You know, I’m very concerned. Hamas is raining rockets down on the people of Israel. They’re doing it with the financial support and backing of Iran, of the Ayatollah Khomeini. And this is the result of of foreign policy mistakes, enormous blunders by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

You know, you think about it, the last four years, President Trump stood strongly with Israel, unequivocally with Israel. We moved our embassy to Jerusalem, something I urge the president to do. And he agreed with me and did. And it produced this oasis of peace.

We saw the Abraham Accords. We saw Arabs and Israelis making peace agreements together for the first time in decades. What happened?

Joe Biden comes in immediately, begins undermining Israel, immediately begins sending hundreds of billions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority, to Hamas. The terrorists there immediately begins negotiationS to send billions of dollars to the Ayatollah Khomeini, who regularly chants death to America and death to Israel. And it is producing. We are on the verge of a shooting war in the Middle East because Joe Biden and Kamala Harris undermine our friends and want to send money to our enemies.