‘We Enjoy the Fact Our Governor Has a Set of Cojones.’ – Rep. Cammack

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TODD: [01:02:01] Disney — now saying they’re on the record, they’re saying they don’t believe parents should have a say in their kid’s education. They say that little preschoolers should be taught about sex education, and they also promised they’re going to infuse all of their programs with LGBTQIA-plus content. It just seems to me that back in the old days when I was growing up, the predators would drive around in white vans. Now they wear mouse ears. Not a good look for Disney. All right, I’m going to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line – it’s an honor to have with us the great congresswoman from Florida. Kat Cammack. It’s been a while. Hope you’re doing good.

CAMMACK: [01:02:48] Hey, how are you doing?

TODD: [01:02:50] You know your governor down there, Ron DeSantis. The guy is, I tell you what, he’s got man parts. I’ll tell you that much.

CAMMACK: [01:03:01] You know, I’ve never heard anyone say it quite like that. But on behalf of all Floridians, thank you. We appreciate really, really enjoy the fact that our governor has a set of cojones.

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TODD: [01:03:11] I know that he’s getting a lot of blowback from conservatives over the the decision to take away get Disney’s private government. But the fact of the matter is we need to be playing this game. This is what’s called hardball and we needed to be playing it from day one.

CAMMACK: [01:03:30] Mm hmm. Yeah. You know, and what people fail to realize about these special districts is the special district has allowed Disney World to operate as its own entity and government, right? So they have their own fire department, for example. And when you take away the special districts, not only are they now going to be paying taxes to the minute the polity and the county governments that they have have their footprint in. But when you think about this whole issue of of predators, right? And and and I think that there is a huge distinction between the LGBTQ community and the predators, there needs to be a clear distinction between that. You cannot conflate the two. But the thing that I would say is that what incentive would Disney if they had sexual predators working for them, which we know that they have had in the past because they’ve had employees who have been caught up in multiple law enforcement stings across the state of Florida? What incentive would they as an independent entity as their own self-governing body? Would they have to take on their own and clean their own house? Well, it’s clear that they have no incentive. So this is just another way of looking at how getting rid of that special district, that unique special status for Disney is going to impact Disney as a company and as an entity within the state of Florida. I like to say you, when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. Well, there you go, Disney. You waded into an issue that you had no business quite literally getting into telling parents that they did not have a right to determine through the education system that they didn’t want teachers talking to their kids about sex at age five, six, seven and eight. I think that’s a pretty common sense position, which is why you see Republicans and Democrats supporting this bill. That, to me, I think is is something that needs to be made clear is that this bill had nothing to do with the LGBT community. It had everything to do with telling teachers that you’re not going to be talking about sex with my child. And also, yes, Disney is a private company, and now they will learn to do enjoy all the benefits, which include the taxes that they will pay in the state of Florida now that their special status is stripped. I think that it’s been a long time coming and cat two.

TODD: [01:05:57] To your point, you have groups like the Log Cabin Republicans, which is a gay Republican group. They have been out there denouncing what Disney did as well. So you’ve got a very large group of the gay community that is just as outraged about what Disney is up to as everybody else.

CAMMACK: [01:06:18] And I think the Log Cabin Republicans have done a phenomenal job in supporting legislation, not just this particular bill, but legislation across the board that has been very conservative and has really worked to try to empower parents and so hat tip to them in the work that they have done, for sure. But you know, I read that bill, it’s seven pages it not once in the text mentions anything about gay. I think it gets back to this whole agenda that we’ve all been seeing as conservatives around the country, that state and big government. Advocates are now trying to tell parents that the state knows better than the parent that we should not have control over our children’s education. And I think that is a much bigger issue than what we’re seeing just playing out at Disney, which is disgusting. But I think we’re getting to that point that that turning point the crossroads where we’re saying, no, our parents have every right and then some to make sure that their children are receiving an education that is rooted in what our founding fathers envisioned and a focus on the basics, not on the extracurricular that we have been seeing bleeding, you know, but really just an emphasis on education and how it was supposed to be a focus on, you know, reading and writing and arithmetic. We have continued to slip in standings around the world in terms of our educational outcomes, and we know for a fact that if you are by the third grade, not literate, if you cannot read by the third grade, you are most likely headed down a lifetime of crime.

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