“WE HAVE A LIST.” NYC Sends Inspectors to Target Jewish Schools

The video you are about to watch is horrifying. Inspectors were sent to Orthodox Jewish schools to deliver summons.

This particular school was closed — no students. But that did not seem to matter to the government agents.

“We have a list,” one of the inspectors said on the video.

“In the words of the inspector: they have a list of schools to issue summonses,” NYC Councilman Chaim Deutsch wrote on Twitter. “They made ZERO attempt to confirm if the school was closed before writing the summons. (It WAS closed) This keeps happening-it’s not an isolated incident.”

In recent days Mayor Bill De Blasio has ordered police to break up Jewish funerals. He also ordered Jews to shut down their synagogues. And over the weekend, pro-Trump Jews were pelted with rocks and eggs in Brooklyn.

“Orthodox Jews continue to be targeted in NY,” Deutsch wrote on Twitter.

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