“We’re Gonna Be Knee-Deep in Fertilizer From Now Until Nov. 3”

Callers to the Todd Starnes Radio Show don’t believe “The Atlantic” magazine’s hit piece on President Trump. They don’t believe for one minute that the president hates the military and mocks wounded warriors.

“It’s just gonna get knee deep in fertilizer from now until November 3,” Barbara from Arkansas said. “It’s gonna get really deep. Get your shoulder waders. You’re going to need them all the way to your neck.”

She said The Atlantic report is a “vile, disgusting, repugnant, load of horse crap from the demonic-rats.”

“That’s how disgusting this is,” she said. “It’s horrible. It’s time that we stood up and let it be known they are liars.”

Good for you, Barbara! What a great patriotic lady! Listen to Barbara’s terrific interview above.

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