WH Communications Director: Biden ‘Never Shies Away from Taking Questions’

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White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield is getting pushback after claiming President Biden “never shies away from taking questions” on MSNBC Friday.

Biden gave two separate addresses at the White House this week, one on the Afghanistan crisis and the other coronavirus-related, and despite shouts of reporters, he didn’t take a single question.

Bedingfield was asked if he will take questions after his remarks later in the day outside of the one-on-one interview he did with ABC News Tuesday.

“The president never shies away from taking questions,” Bedingfield said. “I’ll let him make a decision if he’s going to take questions this afternoon, but you saw he just did a full sit-down interview on this just yesterday. So, he is always willing to take questions and I’ll let him decide if he’s going to do that…”

Nationally syndicated radio host Todd Starnes, after Biden refused questions a second time this week, tweeted: “WH staffers realize that Biden is not competent or cognizant enough to take unscripted questions from the press.”