White House Denounces Trans Nudity at Pride Party

The Biden White House was forced to ban radical “transgender” activists for “inappropriate” behavior at the official White House Pride celebration over the weekend.

Transgender TikToker Rose Montoya, a biological male with fake breasts, and other transgender activists who have body modifications, including two biological females who had their breasts removed and were sporting beards and hairy chests, went viral on social media for exposing their private parts steps away from the White House. Multiple children were present.

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While the White House did not specify who, the spokesperson said, “Individuals in the video will not be invited to future events.”

This comes after President Biden told the transgender activists, “You are the bravest and most inspiring people I’ve ever known.”

In the video, Montoya can be seen schmoozing with Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, before he and two women went “topless” on the White House lawn.

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“This behavior is inappropriate and disrespectful for any event at the White House,” a White House spokesperson said in a statement. “It is not reflective of the event we hosted to celebrate LGBTQI+ families or the other hundreds of guests who were in attendance.” Individuals in the video will not be invited to future events.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, “This has not occurred before. This was not a normal thing that has happened under this administration.”

Has the Biden White House destroyed decency for America?

At the event, Biden declared, “Happy Pride Month! Happy Pride Year! Happy Pride Life!”

Montoya defended his actions in a follow-up TikTok: “It has come to my attention that conservatives are trying to use the video of me topless at the White House to try to call the community groomers, etc.”

He argued it was legal in D.C. to be topless and added, “All you’re doing is affirming that I’m a woman.”

He explained, “My transmasculine friends were showing off their top surgery scars and living in joy and I wanted to join them…I had zero intention of trying to be vulgar or be profane in any way. I was simply living in joy, living my truth and existing in my body…Free the nipple.”

The DeSantis War Room called out the Biden administration for campaign on “decency,” adding, “Is this what he meant?”

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