Why Is Biden Holding Gretchen Whitmer’s Hand?

President Biden was photographed Wednesday holding Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s hand, sparking speculation.

“President Biden enters Detroit Auto Show holding hands with Michigan Gov. [Whitmer],” CBS News White House reporter Bo Erickson tweeted.

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Ric Grenell shared the photo with the caption: “Gretchen Whitmer wants Joe Biden to dump Kamala Harris.”

“Also, I hope they are talking about Michigan students’ plunging reading and math scores,” he added.

A CNN reporter, Edward-Isaac Dovere, tweeted, “Whitmer & Biden connected in a deep way in the build up to her being a very close runner-up to be his running mate — including when she visited him at home.”

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He added the notation with a link to his book covering the Biden campaign: “‘Jilly,’ Biden told his wife, ‘the governor’s mom died of the same brain tumor that killed Beau.'”

“Whitmer drew the short straw today for babysitting duties,” one user wrote.

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“At this point all he knows is that someone needs to hold his hand when he’s in public and Jill is too far away,” another person said.

“He mistook her for his wife,” one woman speculated.

Whitmer has praised Biden in the past, saying they are cut from a “similar cloth.”