Will Republicans Oust Pro-Ukraine McCarthy from Speakership?

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Congressman Matt Gaetz, the Republican from Florida, introduced a motion to vacate the chair. That means Speaker Kevin McCarthy could soon be out of a job.

“I believe the basis for the motion to vacate is Kevin McCarthy’s repeated breach of the agreement that he made in January,” Gaetz told reporters.

“While we were in the middle of this, this government funding battle, a secret side deal on Ukraine is not what the American people want to see out of the Republicans,” Gaetz said. “I think the American people deserve to know the coalition that really governs them.”

McCarthy and Gaetz have clashed in recent months in what many say is a personal feud.

“I believe it’s personal. Something Matt’s been concerned about. Remember, he never supported me for Speaker. It’s not conservative because he voted against the conservative continuing resolution,” McCarthy told Newsmax.

“Look, I’m a conservative that believes we can get things done in a conservative manner. If my continuing resolution had passed – that the majority of the conference voted for – we would have secured our border, we would have cut spending, and we’d be in a stronger position.”

If five Republicans and all the Democrats vote against McCarthy – he’s done. But there could be a possibility that he’s already struck a deal with the Democrats to save his job.

And there’s also reporting from inside the beltway that McCarthy has made a side deal with President Biden and the Democrats to fund Ukraine’s war against Russia.

“There is no side deal with President Biden. I haven’t spoken with President Biden in months,” McCarthy insisted. “So, I’m not quite sure what Matt speaks of.”

The question for Congressman Gaetz and the House Freedom Caucus is what’s the plan? And I’m not sure there is one.

The broader issues is that the Republican Party is a mess right now. Infighting and bickering. And even worse – they are not doing what they said they were going to do.

How about fiscal responsibility? Balancing the budget? Cutting spending?

And why are Republicans so determined to protect Ukraine’s border when the American border has been overrun.

Questions the party should address – or Kevin McCarthy won’t be the only one out of a job.

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