WOKE CEO Refers to Women as ‘Bleeders’

A London-based CEO doubled down Wednesday after getting backlash for referring to women as “bleeders.”

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The popular Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok called out Daniella Peri — the founder and CEO of Yoppie, a personalized, subscription-based menstrual care company — for the liberal remark.

Peri claims “some people who menstruate” are not women, a talking point from the woke crowd that no longer associates PMS with women to satisfy the LGBTQ mob.

“Most bleeders know how they are impacted by their period, but unfortunately aren’t in touch with their feelings & symptoms in the other phases of their cycle. We are here to change that,” Peri said in a quote on the company’s Instagram.

Which term should be used to describe women on their period?

“Call them women!” the top comment, which has over 335 likes, reads.

Another said, “Empowering and young girls by calling them bleeders? What liberal bs is this crap?”

“This is so unbelievably dehumanizing,” the top comment reads. “You cannot be using this language seriously?”

Peri responded to criticism in a lengthy blog post, writing that some women do not “have periods and some people who menstruate who are not women.”

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“We’re an open, straight-talking and transparent brand that is trying to navigate the right language,” Peri concluded. “We will continue to promote that discrimination prevents all people from having equal opportunities – and we make no apology for that stance.”


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