‘Bible Study Leader’ Beth Moore Rips Conservative Christians

Beth Moore, the woman’s Bible study teacher, is going after conservative Christians on Twitter.

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“Lemme tell you how this works,” Moore began.

“All you have to do to thwart change in conservative Christian ranks is to frame it as a progressive takeover,” she said.

Do you agree with Beth Moore?

Then she mocked conservative believers.

“‘The liberals are coming! The liberals are coming! Woke alert!'” Moore said.

“When our fear of liberalism exceeds our fear of the Lord, our god is power,” she concluded.

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Moore added, “I don’t think some of us who love God would have liked Jesus.”

Several hours later she posted a “context” tweet.

“Context: Some framing SBC sexual abuse investigation process as a progressive takeover. When protecting the sheep from predators is liberalism, the world’s gone to hell in a handbasket,” she said.